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Daughter-in-law biased laws of India

Do you know your wife (without any proof) can put you, your parents and siblings in jail (without bail) in no time using ipc-498a!

Educate yourself about ipc-498a, it is. Tanmay Yuhua done

non_compoundable - once filed, wife cannot take it back.
cognizable - does not need warrant to arrest.

and only wife can file it, husband cannot.

Every year around 25000 false cases are filed to harass husband and his family.

You options:

Do whatever your wife and her parents ask you to do,
Otherwise wife or her parents can file 498a and you will have to spend years proving that you are innocent.

- Satya

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Request for play/drama sent to National School of Drama, Delhi

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing this mail in anticipation that your school will help us represent and bring forth in public the rampant misuse of IPC-498a by assisting us in creating/directing a play/drama dealing with same.

I am writing this mail with reference to the article published on 6th June 2003 ( which reports a street play
directed by National School of Drama Alumni Rajeev Gaursingh on the social cause of how
there is a rapid increase of IPC-498a misuse. We would like NSD to help us in another effort of similar nature, with an aim to reach a wider audience.

In spite of recomendations of Malimath Committee on reforms on Indian Criminal law (mid 2003), recommendations of Justice JD Kapoor (Delhi High court) to change the IPC-498a and it's blatant misuse by wifes, July 21st 2005 Judgement of Supreme Court (PIL) to ask lawmakers to plug the loopholes in 498a and termed misuse of 498a as 'legal terrorism' everyone in the lawmaking body has turned a blind eye to this social problem.

A lot of innocent husband's and their parents and relatives are fighting false criminal cases.

I (along with other victims) am commmitted to fight against injustice. I am against dowry and atrocities agaist women. We need the help of your school/teachers/students. I am looking forward
to help from your school in one or more of the following.

This will help us get to our goal (changes in IPC-498a) faster and better.

1) We can discuss with the teachers or students of NSD, give them a real victim story and ask them to work on the dialogues and stage-setup etc.

2) We can raise money (for both the school and our fight against injustice by staging this play in Delhi (multiple locations) and then in other cities.

3) We may try to find actors for acting in the drama. Or may be the students can act in this play too.

Idea(s) for the script:

a) one way of going forward is to study one of the case that has been solved or is nearing completion and make a script out of it and present it to you and your teachers/students can write a play on it. This method will give full control of play to NSD

b) We can find people that will assist in areas of script writing and direction
but without NCD expertise in various areas of play (direction, recording, music, script,
effects, narration etc.) we will not be able to demonstrate the various ways this
impractical and draconian law is effecting the institution of marriage.

Please let me know if we can contact any of the teachers/students in this regard.

Waiting your response

With best regards,



Why would an Indian Man marry?


We need to work together and request immediate changes in IPC-498a, to stop it's rampant misuse. I am totally against dowry, but IPC-498a gives a free ticket to wife to harass husband's family at her whim and choice. I request change or remove IPC-498a to curb it's rampant misuse.
I am sure an average Indian man, if knows about the IPC-498a (which most of very educated males do not know), will have to think twice whether marriage will be good for him or his family in long run (even if it is a love marrage).

What if wife is mean and arrogant?
What if wife does not want to live with his joint family?
What if wife does not want to have more than one kid?
What if wife does not do household work (cook dinner, keep place clean, laundry etc.) which are considered normal daily job in Indian society?
What if she very short tempered and argues without a valid argument?
What if she cheats or steals from home?

Would husband be able to confront, knowing that he and his family can go to jail on one single oral report of his wife in the near-by police station?

What are husband's options other that to keep quite, bear the torture, because even if wife does a suicide drama, all the hell will break loose on husband's family?

- Satya

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Man shoots self after tiff with wife


If this would have happened the other way round, where woman would have shot herself, the guy would have been in deepest shit which he would have never imagined.
If wife commits suicide for whatever reason, within 7 years of marriage date, it is automatic dowry harrassment charge in husband and his family.

- Satya

Man shoots self after tiff with wife


Senseless rant by Brinda Karat: Jan 10th, 2003


I really fail to understand what is this woman talking about. I hope these feminist do understand that where they should shut their mouth. I wonder if anything is sacrosanct for this woman. All she is trying to portray to the world is that woman in India (also in Hindu religion) are oppressed.
I wonder why people and lawmakers should listen to females like Brinda, who are misleading women who think Brinda is fighting for their cause. Read on...

The Hindu : Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat

The Hindu : Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat: "Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat "


Dilemma of Indian husband

Consider the following scenario

What would you do, if

a) You wanted to marry by indian customs and rituals, and go for an arranged marriage, and start to know your wife after marriage.

b) You give her all the affection and love, buy her things she wants to have. Give her space and time.

c) She commands you, and would like you to obey her and fulfill her desires even if those wishes are against your principles (like wearing skimpy clothes in public, rude towards your friends etc.).

d) You try to explain her the traditions and rules you live by. Then one day, when you say, she has to change her ways and be polite, she goes to the police station and puts the charges of dowry harressment (under IPC-498a) on you and your parents (even when they do not live with you) and you spend few nights in the jail with your parents.

e) Do you think it is lawful.

I just wish other Indian husbands do not get to see this ugly color of life, which some of us have seen. When this happens the whole life of yours flash before your eyes and you begin to wonder and ponder:

i) Did I study all these years to get cheated by your own wife.

ii) Would she have done this kind of insulting and untruthful behaviour if Indian laws were not so foolishly bent towards wife.

iii) What did I do wrong, probably the only wrong was to marry a mean, arrogant and stupid girl who brought disaster in the family.

iv) Was all my preaching to all my friends about good old Indian customs and arranged marriage wrong?

v) What would I have done if I was a woman, would I have lowered myself to this point so as to put innocent people in jail, bacause of my ego/feminist attitude?

- Satya


The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation

In the following article, Supreme Court has urged the lawmakers to fix the loopholes in IPC-498a. SC has termed misuse of 498a as 'legal terrorism'. It has potential to cause irrepairable damage to the institution of marriage if not change soon. According to an estimate, there are around 30,000 false dowry cases failed each year, causing grief and harrassment of millions and wastage of millions of rupees from both sides.

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation: "Dowry law no licence to settle scores: SC"


India Together: Anti-dowry legislation destined to fail - Manushi, Issue 148

Well known writer Madhu Kishwar points our the blatant loopholes in IPC 498a which lets mean and arrogant wife exploit this law.

India Together: Anti-dowry legislation destined to fail - Manushi, Issue 148


Misuse of IPC 498A and Dowry acts

Misuse of IPC 498A and Dowry acts

Monday, August 08, 2005


How every informed citizen can help 498a victims

Guys, There are so many ways everyone of you can help us fight against rampant misuse of 498a and killing of institution of marraige (and help yourself).
1) Spend time in spreading the word (Publicity by word of mouth).
2) Spend time in finding other victims, get them to join our mission, via internet, or via helpline. 3) Write and publish articles in various regional daily newpaper or magazines.
4) Send "letters to editors" of vaious news papers.
5) Donate money to PSS, Asha Kiran, Sangabalya.
6) Volunteer to organize seminar, help with logistics.
7) Help answer other victims by finding more information.
8) Help Create pressure groups within city, state and society.
9) Help write letter to local MLA, MP.
10) Get your voice heard by any means.

We need support active or passive (preferrably active support) from everyone of you

- Satya


What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note

"What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note
April 28th, 2005 by Angsuman
"If a woman is tortured, the first thing police do is arrest her in-laws, even though they are elderly. What if I am tortured by mydaughter-in-law? All 498A(a section that deals with physical andmental torture of women) does is put people like us behind bars, itwill never put my daughter-in-law behind bars.Police should look into this discrepancy and if need be change thelaw, for I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out tome by my daughter-in-law…"
This suicide note was on Thursday from an Alipore (Kolkata, India)house where 64 year-old Ranjit Chakraborty hanged himself to deathfrom from his bathroom shower.
Chakraborty, a retired employee of a multi-national company, workedhard till the day he died.Police conducted a preliminary enquiry and slapped charges ofabetting suicide against Chakraborty's daughter-in-law Litu and hisonly son Partha. Both were arrested. The police action came not juston the basis of the suicide note, but also after an inquiry in thelocality.
Police suspect Partha and Litu had their eyes on their parent'sproperty and were hence ill-treating their parents.
Source: Kolkata edition of The Times of India (couldn't find itonline yet)
I felt thoroughly horrified after reading this article. How much lowcan a woman sink for money? Where is the trust , the respect for theelderly? Such people make me sick to my core.
And yes the law is unfairly tilted towards women in India. If anywife complains of torture by his husband or in-laws, immediatelypolice arrests them, without even preliminary investigation or legalrecourse. You are literally at the mercy of your daughter-in-law.And recently quite a few daughter-in-laws have decided to takeadvantage of the situation.


Request to other bloggers

Hello guys,

This is my first blog post. I would like all of you to please research and write in your blog something about rampant misuse of IPC-498a in India. I would like you to include this as one of your posts also.

Thousands and thousands of Indian husbands including their family members (old parents, mothers and sisters) are being framed and becoming victims to false 498a cases filed against them by the arrogant, adament, clever and greedy wife (and wife's family).

I would suggest you to please search google by key word (IPC 498a, or misuse 498a) and follow the links.

Thanking you in anticipation,


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