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Consequences of IPC498a on India!

Consequences of IPC498a on India!
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by rajeev srivastava

The problem is our Indian ppl are poisoned by the Feminists
organisations dangeroulsy. Whether a male or female, a child doesn't
know. They acquire knowledge throgh the society. This society
contains most vultures than any other as NGOs. So, continuos spread
of hatred towards a man and dowry made these little children prone
to poison. Dowry is a social custom in India for centuries. Crime by
dowry demand is nothing but lost in character and a culprit. we
already have laws for cheating, characterless fellows. why this

If you see a women around 18 or 20+ and she is straightly, against a
man and male society. Though, she is brought up by her father,
brother. still she says men are bad. It is not their fault. These
vultures should be brought to justice. If they were in USA, by know
they would have met their fate. Rascals of the country, devastating
the culture of my country.

if you notice, population increased highly after sometime, this
IPC498a is enacted by legislation. Main reason, marital discord
between men and women. women were not capable of earning, but learnt
about this law by parents for their selfish reasons. Men being not
happy with his married wife, he is always under 498a threat, wisdom
got lost. The men who are in threat are greatly public servants,
social ppl, highly educated, scientists in urban areas participating
infrastructure design for the country. what happens when they are
not healthy in living? That got affected on to the rural areas. No
proper planning, infrastructure got affected, wisdom got lost and
the country led to 48% poverty level now.

Other men who are away from IPC 498a threats were hooligans,
politicians and evils in society. Wife or in-laws can't dare to
imprison these ppl. into "attemptive murder charge' like case 498a.

Some ppl. still think that, society is better than developed
nations, though we face several problems(polulation, poverty, crime
etc.,), still country surviving, ok. ppl are ok and everything seems
ok. BUT I WARN, there is a limit on everything. We are not far away
from heavy disaster or calamity which can't be even thought. All
intellectuals leave the county for brain drain and minimal
standards. Social-engineering sense mitigated ppl. continue to rule
the country. country leads to graveyard. we may be almost there.

To add hay to fire, domestic violence bill is introduced. SEc.3 is
designed very dangerously. But common man doesn't understand and
falls into the marriage again.

what these vultures wanted from india. They are indians too. Even if
they are funded by western interests, they should not have
sacrificed India for the whole purposes. Britishers who directly
ruled India are far better than these ppl, who have already poisoned
the society. My thought is, why God do not give punishment to their
children in the form of accidents. I do not understand this complex
karma of the lord.

Currently, on an average 52% divorces in the first 5 years of
marriages all over urban cities have started. who take
responsibility for this? do these vultures? Many children are with
single parenting. Singel parent children are more prone to crimes in
any culture by statistics. who takes this responsiblity.? dp these
vultures? Many elderly ppl. who gave everything to their children
sacrificing their life and earnings and happiness are homeless due
to this law or are living themselves. Do these vultures take
responsibility for it?

For each 498a, on an average, there is atleast 1 lakh of money being
spent in urban area by the family for various reason from corruption
to bail. In higher middle class families, where good earning is
there, the expense spent by husband and his family easily goes to 10
lakhs. Wife has to be compensated for quashing the case to court
clerk. If an NRI is caught by the police, excellent day for the bad
ppl. Several lakhs are spilt. if one notices, many women NGOs,
politicians are behind NRIs, stating provision of cell phones for
NRI assaulted women,advertising in newspaper about
NGO to report to. I believe, most of these organisations are just
waiting to get calls by NRI wife. The day of their call is
enough for these NGO to screw more happily that family as there is
big booty in it. So who is benefitting out of this whole process. NO
Disclaimer: These are my perceptions only. Nothing to do with
other's or an attempt to..

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on misdirected feminism in india

Found another interesting blog at :
Those who want to find out about the several hoax perpetuated by feminazies, please refer to : Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women and also the "Myth of Male Power"
on misdirected feminism in india
jan 17th

the anti-dowry law has been abused left, right and center. it is a creation of NGOs and feminazis.

instead of the purported beneficiaries of these draconian laws -- poor, rural, oppressed women -- in fact those who use these provisions are rich urban women who are looking to torment men.

similarly, there is another new law, this one passed in 2005, which says that only daughters-in-law have any rights. if she abuses the sister-in-law or mother-in-law, they have no right to sue. on the face of it, if you believe the propaganda about bride-burning being endemic in india, then you'd believe this is necessary. in fact, especially in kerala, what we see is not bride-burnings but men being severely harassed by pushy wives. in rajasthan, similarly, women have gotten into the habit of accusing men of rape -- to harass them.

white feminazis make a lot of noise about bride-burning in india. as though life was hunky-dory for white women in their home countries. in reality, the percentage of women murdered by husbands and boyfriends in the us is greater than the % of bride-burning. not that i believe even one woman should be killed, but let those who cast the first stone not be sinners themselves (incidentally, off topic, the story of the adulterous woman not stoned is a very late embellishment to the bible).

the excessive use of anti-dowry legislation as a weapon for blackmail is counterproductive. this is like the old aesop's fable of the boy who cried wolf. soon judges and policemen are not going to pay any attention to even genuine cases where women are suffering.

the surpanakhas have succeeded yet again in creating strife and grief. and why surpanakhas? i am reminded of mallika sarabhai's dance-drama 'surpanakha's daughters'. mallika sarabhai is a very distant relative of mine by marriage, and i think she is very misguided.

incidentally the surpanakhas are never in the picture when real horrors happen. just today in the pioneer i read this. no feminazi is motivated to breast-beat about this. where is shabana azmi? where is teesta setalvad? where is brinda karat? their silence can be construed as approval.

Varsha Khan's parents kill her, lover in 'honour killings'
Girish Sharma / Bhopal

In a horrific 'honour killing', the parents and relatives of a teenaged Muslim girl burnt her alive late Sunday night in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, for daring to fall in love with a Hindu man.

The gruesome death of 16-year-old Varsha Khan came on the heels of similar punishment meted out by the killers to her lover, 26-year-old Raghuvir Sharma, in Jaura town, Morena, on Thursday night. Raghuvir died of third-degree burns early Friday morning.

Strangely, although Varsha's father, Hassan Khan and two of his relatives were arrested and sent to jail following widespread protests after Raghuvir's killing, the police failed to prevent the killers from snuffing out his young lover's life.

Before killing Raghuvir, Hassan Khan had despatched Varsha to her maternal uncle in Bhind along with her mother and relatives. There, on Sunday midnight, Varsha was doused with petrol and set on fire by her grand maternal uncle, Nazeer and maternal uncles Kallu and Rauf, according to the police. What is particularly horrendous is that Varsha's mother Guddu Bai joined the killers in their abominable act.

The crime came to light when the charred body of Varsha was being taken to the house of Hassan Khan's brother in Morena district on Monday morning. On receiving information, a police team intercepted and took the body in possession. The body has been sent to Gwalior medical college for post-mortem.

Inspector General of Police (Gwalior range) Sanjay Rana told The Pioneer that the police have registered a case of murder and started investigation. "The family members of Raghuvir, however, have claimed that it was not a love affair, but a monetary dispute which led to the killing of Raghuvir by the Khan clan," he added. But, he said, people of the locality know the reality and vouch that Raghuvir and Varsha were in love.

Mr Rana said on the basis of the statements by Raghuvir's family, murder cases have been registered against the family members of Varsha. He said the police would probe the various angles.

One version has it that Raguvir had reached Varsha's home on Friday after dousing himself with petrol. Angered by her parents' refusal to accept his relationship with their daughter, he got into a frenzy and lit himself. Similarly, Varsha pained by her lover's death, committed suicide, Mr Rana added.

Noted psychologist Sabina Ansari said violence among parents is but they have to face the social stigma forever. "Under the pressure of relatives, in view of justifying their existence they are forced to take such decisions," she added.

Talking about this appalling incident, probably the first of its kind in Madhya Pradesh, she said violent reactions to inter-caste and inter-faith love affairs remain unreported in Madhya Pradesh.

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