Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Senseless rant by Brinda Karat: Jan 10th, 2003


I really fail to understand what is this woman talking about. I hope these feminist do understand that where they should shut their mouth. I wonder if anything is sacrosanct for this woman. All she is trying to portray to the world is that woman in India (also in Hindu religion) are oppressed.
I wonder why people and lawmakers should listen to females like Brinda, who are misleading women who think Brinda is fighting for their cause. Read on...

The Hindu : Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat

The Hindu : Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat: "Hindutva concept will harm women: Brinda Karat "

She spoke this as part of a statewide Jagratha Jatha. Men should also do the same to highlight their problems.
What more you expect such type of lady , who dont ahve any respect to our age lod parents , pregent sister ??

This is a real terrorist activity .

Sub: Proposed Domestic Violence Bill to Increase or Decrease the Domestic Violence????????
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