Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Dilemma of Indian husband

Consider the following scenario

What would you do, if

a) You wanted to marry by indian customs and rituals, and go for an arranged marriage, and start to know your wife after marriage.

b) You give her all the affection and love, buy her things she wants to have. Give her space and time.

c) She commands you, and would like you to obey her and fulfill her desires even if those wishes are against your principles (like wearing skimpy clothes in public, rude towards your friends etc.).

d) You try to explain her the traditions and rules you live by. Then one day, when you say, she has to change her ways and be polite, she goes to the police station and puts the charges of dowry harressment (under IPC-498a) on you and your parents (even when they do not live with you) and you spend few nights in the jail with your parents.

e) Do you think it is lawful.

I just wish other Indian husbands do not get to see this ugly color of life, which some of us have seen. When this happens the whole life of yours flash before your eyes and you begin to wonder and ponder:

i) Did I study all these years to get cheated by your own wife.

ii) Would she have done this kind of insulting and untruthful behaviour if Indian laws were not so foolishly bent towards wife.

iii) What did I do wrong, probably the only wrong was to marry a mean, arrogant and stupid girl who brought disaster in the family.

iv) Was all my preaching to all my friends about good old Indian customs and arranged marriage wrong?

v) What would I have done if I was a woman, would I have lowered myself to this point so as to put innocent people in jail, bacause of my ego/feminist attitude?

- Satya

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