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What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note

"What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - Suicide note
April 28th, 2005 by Angsuman
"If a woman is tortured, the first thing police do is arrest her in-laws, even though they are elderly. What if I am tortured by mydaughter-in-law? All 498A(a section that deals with physical andmental torture of women) does is put people like us behind bars, itwill never put my daughter-in-law behind bars.Police should look into this discrepancy and if need be change thelaw, for I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out tome by my daughter-in-law…"
This suicide note was on Thursday from an Alipore (Kolkata, India)house where 64 year-old Ranjit Chakraborty hanged himself to deathfrom from his bathroom shower.
Chakraborty, a retired employee of a multi-national company, workedhard till the day he died.Police conducted a preliminary enquiry and slapped charges ofabetting suicide against Chakraborty's daughter-in-law Litu and hisonly son Partha. Both were arrested. The police action came not juston the basis of the suicide note, but also after an inquiry in thelocality.
Police suspect Partha and Litu had their eyes on their parent'sproperty and were hence ill-treating their parents.
Source: Kolkata edition of The Times of India (couldn't find itonline yet)
I felt thoroughly horrified after reading this article. How much lowcan a woman sink for money? Where is the trust , the respect for theelderly? Such people make me sick to my core.
And yes the law is unfairly tilted towards women in India. If anywife complains of torture by his husband or in-laws, immediatelypolice arrests them, without even preliminary investigation or legalrecourse. You are literally at the mercy of your daughter-in-law.And recently quite a few daughter-in-laws have decided to takeadvantage of the situation.

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