Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Request for play/drama sent to National School of Drama, Delhi

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing this mail in anticipation that your school will help us represent and bring forth in public the rampant misuse of IPC-498a by assisting us in creating/directing a play/drama dealing with same.

I am writing this mail with reference to the article published on 6th June 2003 ( which reports a street play
directed by National School of Drama Alumni Rajeev Gaursingh on the social cause of how
there is a rapid increase of IPC-498a misuse. We would like NSD to help us in another effort of similar nature, with an aim to reach a wider audience.

In spite of recomendations of Malimath Committee on reforms on Indian Criminal law (mid 2003), recommendations of Justice JD Kapoor (Delhi High court) to change the IPC-498a and it's blatant misuse by wifes, July 21st 2005 Judgement of Supreme Court (PIL) to ask lawmakers to plug the loopholes in 498a and termed misuse of 498a as 'legal terrorism' everyone in the lawmaking body has turned a blind eye to this social problem.

A lot of innocent husband's and their parents and relatives are fighting false criminal cases.

I (along with other victims) am commmitted to fight against injustice. I am against dowry and atrocities agaist women. We need the help of your school/teachers/students. I am looking forward
to help from your school in one or more of the following.

This will help us get to our goal (changes in IPC-498a) faster and better.

1) We can discuss with the teachers or students of NSD, give them a real victim story and ask them to work on the dialogues and stage-setup etc.

2) We can raise money (for both the school and our fight against injustice by staging this play in Delhi (multiple locations) and then in other cities.

3) We may try to find actors for acting in the drama. Or may be the students can act in this play too.

Idea(s) for the script:

a) one way of going forward is to study one of the case that has been solved or is nearing completion and make a script out of it and present it to you and your teachers/students can write a play on it. This method will give full control of play to NSD

b) We can find people that will assist in areas of script writing and direction
but without NCD expertise in various areas of play (direction, recording, music, script,
effects, narration etc.) we will not be able to demonstrate the various ways this
impractical and draconian law is effecting the institution of marriage.

Please let me know if we can contact any of the teachers/students in this regard.

Waiting your response

With best regards,


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