Saturday, August 13, 2005


Daughter-in-law biased laws of India

Do you know your wife (without any proof) can put you, your parents and siblings in jail (without bail) in no time using ipc-498a!

Educate yourself about ipc-498a, it is. Tanmay Yuhua done

non_compoundable - once filed, wife cannot take it back.
cognizable - does not need warrant to arrest.

and only wife can file it, husband cannot.

Every year around 25000 false cases are filed to harass husband and his family.

You options:

Do whatever your wife and her parents ask you to do,
Otherwise wife or her parents can file 498a and you will have to spend years proving that you are innocent.

- Satya

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We women do need such laws to protect us but cant really help when some abuse and misuse them. But I did ask to those who oppose this law only one question, where didi women like go to ask for help when our so-called "own people" turn back on us and we dont get what we deserve? People like you will never come to rescue, would you? So, please undersatnd that as much as you need protection, we need it too. Dont look at other women and decide, first look at your own mother, daughter, sister or someone who you feel is your own and then feel there pain if they had to go through what we are going thru from our husband, in-laws and the society at large. Our innocent daughters have to suffer. Is that right?
Hi Anonymous,
This law does not help any women instead it hurts women as well as men. Let us see this way, a woman suffers from husband or in-laws . She has two options, either tolerate or walk out of marrage. Without this law 489a she can opt for either one with no problem at all. She can go to family court and go for divorce or be smart and bring in-laws to her favor. But let us say she goes to police and files a case under 498a. And police arrests the husband or in-law. Please tell what is going to happen next. Husband and co struggles in court or jail for long period. THEN .... what about her marrage life?!!.. she has the only option of going divorced, not coming back!. So find out what way this law will help a wife. It can help only motivated wife to extort money.. what else?. If her divorce is genune she can prove in the court and get enough maintenance, what else you need.
Hi Friends,
I married a bad girl(age:28) on 26-12-2013. I am working in Bangalore in a MNC Software company.I am from poor formers family from kadapa dist,Andhra pradesh. She was with me for only one month. She dont have parents and she was staying with sister and brother-illaw. I thought she dont have parents and dont have studies also(10th pass), so she love my family. But she already having illegal relationship with her sisters husband.Just for society and for property she married me and spoiled my good life. She came back to their their sisters house on 30-03-2014 from Bangalore. She didt come to Bangalore.

She and their sisters family is a jungle persons. They done baanamati and chetabadi against me. I went to that bad girls house to bring back that bad girl. That stupid girl already removed "TAALI BOTTU" and "LEG METTIES" and not like to come with me. She and their sisters family demanding 5 lakhs.

In that situation i depressed a lot and i committed suicide in front of that bad girl house. In stomach in with knife i cut 12 times, She and her sisters family dont help me to hospital also, and they filled false cases against me 307,309,324,326A,498A.

I was in jail for 17 days. She demanding 5 lakhs to divorce and 5 lakhs for case compromise.

All my dear frends what should i do, shall i pay 10 lakhs.

But 5 cases filled na, how many days it will take to clsoe all cases and taking the divorce also. Please frends and layers help me to come out from these big problem.
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