Friday, April 21, 2006


Do aur do panch

Do aur do panch

What's with the Government ? Arjun Singh is proposing reservation in
IIT and IIM, Renuka Chaudhury is proposing extra marks for those
students who work for women empowerment, and now Mathematics subject
no longer compulsory. Well, well, what do you make of this ?

What could be the possible benefits of proposing reservations in IIT
and IIM ? It is clearly understood that it will breed corruption
within the education system, it will deprive students who actually
have the talent to make it big in our the country, and our
technological advancement will badly suffer.

What could be the possible benefits of proposing extra marks for
students who work for women empowerment ? This one is the clear case
of issue exploitation. The issue of female foeticide is so blown out
of proportion that any politician would want to cash in on the
people's sentiments and gain politicial mileage. Renuka Chaudhury is
no exception in the tribe of ministers performing political dramas.
Their business is only to gain political power by ruining people's

Mathematics could no longer be a compulsory subject. It means that
students will have the idea of statistics on female foeticide but
will not be able to solve simple equations. What a mess they are
making of our country !!!

Tomorrow, when asked, students will answer,

"Do aur Do Panch hota hai, lekin condom nahi lagaya to AIDS hota hai."


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