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Fertile ground created over the years for misuse of 498a

A very well written article about the journey of 498a (from creation to it's present state. How 498a is breeding the gender war....

The Section 498A is in existence for more than 20 years but its abuse has touched the gigantic proportion in the last 20years. This is not to say that earlier it was not abused but only it was much less abused. There are various reasons for it.
1. The law was not known to many people the men as well as the women.
2. The position of men in the society was eminent and they were the ones who also protected the women and earned the food and the money to feed their family.
3. The position of husband was eminent in the family. The law abiding wife will not file the false charge against her husband.
4. The society was such that it had provided the milieu in which any such act will be severely punished.
5. There was media that did not lived on sensationalism and would not make these women their heroines.
6. There was no such organisation like NCW.

How the position gradually changed
1. The law is known to many women and few men. The women who do not know the law get the tips from the women NGO. There is no such NGO for men.
2.The position of men in the society has been systematically denigrated by the women organisations. Earlier husbands (men) were the earners and protectors but now they have been labelled as looters, duffers, drunkards and tormenters. This was done by projecting only the darker side but not the brighter side.(example would be that when
girls have the higher pass percentage in the boards it is a gender news but when the boys make it in the IIT entrance no one gives the gender ratio and make the male of the species proud)-More will be discussed later.
3. The husbands also face the same position that when they do good to their women and care for the then it is in dark but if some deviants harm their wives the cry is made that ALL women suffer in the hands of their husbands.
4. the history is full of literature that women lie more than the men and they were not believed bit now the reverse is true. Even the most eminent men are disbelived and their good for nothing wives are patiently heard as well as believed.
5. Media itself as become the female worshipper and sells itself on the images of women. men get lured by these images and boost their sales. It has become sensatinalism rather than journalism. The media cannot criticise its heroine and will always worship the female as her Godess.(this is the single most important factor in the last 3-4 years)
6. About NCW lesser said the better.

What can be done about it?

1. Educate all the men about the law. Create positive bonding between them.
2. Recreate the positive image of the men. One can come up with the idea of giving the advt. about the number of men getting the civilian and the gallantry awards on the Republic day and give the slogan "men are good too". one has to also rework the image of the masculine work, organization and the sacrifices made. One example is
the police. It is one of the most masculized profession all over the world fast loosing its glamour and the awe. It is common by the "civilians" to label it cruel, corrupt "beasts under the Khaki". But does anyone "care" for them. According to home ministry statistics 831 poicemen lost their lives while doing their duty and
5000 odds were severely injured.The return they got from the society? brickbats and curses.
3.Make media more responsible in bringing out the news. They cannot conduct the trials independently and give the public their own impression which is often false.
4. Men themselves should be more responsible in their sexual needs and desires. The control over them will devalue the women as sexual objects.The patriarchy survived over the "brahamcharya" of the men.
The more the men will be compelled to pursue the women more they will be exploited by women.

- Sudeep


And Dowry Demands: What's And How's

How does a women feel about dowry 'hoopla': "Dowry And Dowry Demands: What's And How's "

Recently came across this article written on Sulekha. Generally written with a balanced perspective.

- Satya

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False dowry case ample ground for divorce: HC (Delhi)

False dowry case ample ground for divorce: HC (Delhi)

Times of India dated 2nd Feb 2005.(page 4)
By Bhadra Sinha/TNN

New Delhi: In a landmark judgment, the Delhi High Court has ruled that lodging false dowry complaints against men amounts to cruelty and can be a ground for dissolution of marriage. The court granted divorce to a man who alleged mental cruelty by his wife.

With this order, Justice O P Dwivedi disposed of a four-year-old petition in which a woman had challenged a lower court’s order permitting divorce to the husband. Mita Jain (name changed) admitted during the proceedings that she had filed a false case of dowry against her husband, in-laws and their relatives in Meerut. As a result of the false complaint, the husband and relatives were in jail for 10 days. The court construed this to be an instance of cruelty. It also concluded against that Mita’s acceptance of Rs 5.25 lakh as a final settlement for divorce was an unfair act. After receiving the payment, Mita gave a statement before Meerut’s chief judicial magistrate in which she admitted that the dowry case against her husband was false. Yet she refused to give divorce.

‘‘The act of the woman in filing a false case was not based on true facts. It clearly amounts to cruelty. Not only did she receive Rs 35,000 and Kisan Vikas Patras, she resiled from her agreement and did not sign papers of divorce,’’ said Justice Dwivedi.

In 1999, the lower court had passed an order in favour of Mita’s husband who claimed his wife had been mentally harassing her since 1993, the year when they left the family home to live separately. According to him, she once attempted to get a false case registered against him. The lower court observed in its order that things went wrong between the two after they started staying in a rented accommodation. ‘‘As per the averments of the husband, the wife refused to cook meals for some of his friends whom he had invited for a party on his birthday,’’ the judge had said.

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Legal Torture by women: Silly Seattle: Blaming Brame

Silly Seattle: Blaming Brame
This is a sad tale of how women can be vindictive and abusive in a relationship.
It is really sad to see that the law makes (quite a few of them are also harassed by their wives...).

I give condolences to David and his family.

- Satya

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