Monday, August 08, 2005


Request to other bloggers

Hello guys,

This is my first blog post. I would like all of you to please research and write in your blog something about rampant misuse of IPC-498a in India. I would like you to include this as one of your posts also.

Thousands and thousands of Indian husbands including their family members (old parents, mothers and sisters) are being framed and becoming victims to false 498a cases filed against them by the arrogant, adament, clever and greedy wife (and wife's family).

I would suggest you to please search google by key word (IPC 498a, or misuse 498a) and follow the links.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Lot needs to be done to have good population of men police, men lawyers, men judges etc before letting these women go to these men. I say this because men are not trusted as per the law. It is like a case where a woman law maker is sending a poor cow to a lion hoping that the lion is a vegetarian. Note for the law maker (specially the female law maker):- Please first sort out other problems before this creates more problems for the society. UK Guy
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