Friday, October 07, 2005


mental harassment yard-stick...

Following is the post from Mihir, well articulated. How can government maintain that the mental harassment is property of 'wife' only. Is there a law in IPC which says Indian man can file a case against his wife on account of mental cruelity...
As per IPC " Whoever, being the husband or the relative of thehusband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punishedwith imprisonment for a term whcih may extend tothree years and shallalso be liable to fine."Cruelty meansa) any wilful conduct which of such a nature as is likely to drivethe woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger tolife, limb or health (whether mental or physical) of the woman; orb) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view tocoercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demandfor any property or valuable security is on account of failure by heror any person related to her to meet such demand.In the point (a) meaning of cruelty which has specified theword "Mental".
Mental harassment is entirely a subjective issue.Mental harassment can never be generalised. A woman will be said tobe mentally harassed if her husband fails his promise to come home intime. A woman will be said to be mentally harassed if she sees somefood left-over in her husband's dish. A woman will be said to bementally harassed if she can't buy expensive jewellery for herselfwhen her husband's salary isn't enough. A woman will be said to bementally harassed if her husband attended an important office meetinginstead of going out for a dinner with her. There are plethora ofsituations where women can get mentally harassed on petty, trivialissues.Therefore, the word "mental" is vague and can't be generlised. Ittotally depends on person to person.
The mental harassment increaseswith the lack of understanding between the two. Therefore,understanding between the married couples is subjective and one can'tmake any laws or rules on such a intimate relationship. There is noreason to believe that men are not mentally harassed by their wife.Wife too can drive a man to commit suicide which as a matter of factis supported by statistics. Men too is exposed to mental harassmentfrom wife which is disregarded by the laws (which exactly thesefeminist wants). Including such vague words even in domestic violencebill is objectionable. Laws-makers who are corrupt politicians haveno clue about the labyrinth relationship between a married couple. Toadd fuel to fire, feminist organisation have managed to fabricatereports and compelled the law-makers to device such laws andrules "only to control men".We must emphasize the word "Mental harassment" in 498A and DV inorder to give a correct picture to the law-makers.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Who is weaker gender in India?

Read somewhere today, thought it is food-for-thought...

1) Women don't have to pay income tax if her earning is below Rs.125,000/- per year. Man has to pay income tax if his earning is aboveRs. 100,000/- per year.
2) Employment opportunties are much greater for women. Men with greatcrendentials are jobless or working for meagre income.
3) Women have a special compartment in trains. Men have to travel inthe most hazardous surrounding in jampack train compartments.
4) Women employment condition is healthy and safe. Men employmentconditions like working in Municipal drainage cleaning department,mining, oil refinaries, construction site, transport (taxi,autorickshaw), merchant navy and many more are most hazardous.
5) Women goes to rehab after committing a crime. Men goes to jail andgiven third degree after committing a crime.
6) Women have an option to become a housewife after quiting her job.Men has to keep on working and earn for his family.
7) Women are given international acclaim and fame after someachievement. Men are told after achieving something, "Your wife islucky for you".
8) Women can cry and relax and also receive lots of sympathy. Mencan't cry and if cries, he is humiliated.
9) Women can provoke the public to beat up a man. Men has to keepquiet even after been slapped by a woman for no fault of his.
10) Women are portrayed in Media as the goddess and Ms/Mrs Perfect ofIndia. Man comes in the media for all the wrong reasons.
11) Women can file a false case on man and police will believe it.Men will file a true case on women and police will arrest him only.
12) Admission criteria in institutes are relaxed for women. Men haveno right to study because they are good only at labour/manual job.
13) Women has greater chances for getting a job as a journalist or anews reporter. Men's duty is only to go to the most inhospitableareas to get reports for the news channel.
14) Women has the right to receive alimony from husband after divorceeven if she earns more than him. Men has to pay alimony or he will bearrested.
15) Women has an indestructible credibility in the society. Men arealways notorious for living in a country like India.

You still think women are a weaker gender ? Think again.


Who is weaker gender in India?

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