Tuesday, August 23, 2005


498a and it's far reaching effects on society

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The problem with our young guy's mind is: "Unless it is their personal problem, they do not care". That is why getting people to even acknowledge that 498a is the cancer of Indian society it a big task. 498a is a something like virtual sword, if you are uxorious, you will never see it, but if your wife is modern type...., then soon a day will come and the sword will pierce your life.
According to an estimate, there are around 25000-30000 false 498a cases filed every year in India. This creates multi-dimensional problems to the families and society.
1) Lot of productive time, energy and money of the family is spent to proving themselves innocent.
2) Law implementers and judiciary has to spend countless number of hours presiding over a 'civil' matter (false in more than 90% cases). Judiciary has 20 million civil and criminal case backlogs.
3) Tax-payer money is spend on the government lawyer appointed to the daughter-in-law and letting her fight her vicious lie.
4) Over years, when the families who have not spend a single minute with lawyers, courts and police, get depressed with the judiciary and police system.
5) Eventually institution of marriage would be more like a business transaction (in which man and wife will have to document every agreement in writing in front of lawyers).
I think the better campaign to create awareness about 498a and it's rampant scrupulous use by urban modern daughter-in-laws is to publish ad in the newpapers and magazines.
Feminist organizations are federally funded organizations, which is not easy to organize in case of guys. Feminist organizations have tax-payers money at their constant disposal. When Brinda or Indira jai singh speak, they are cited in newspapers. But when we speak, there is no one to mention or publicize that. Also, society as such always sympathize with the weaker party (poor is favored over rich, illiterate is favored over educated, homeless is favored over those with homes) without knowing who is at fault.

- Satya


Victimised husbands find much needed respite


These types of stories are getting more and more common in India these days. They are getting into the news more often than they used to be. Why were these stories not prevalent earlier? Because, the insane laws of India were not so well understood and milked by the urban society. Now, as written in the article, husbands fear that a 'false harassment" case may be filed against them and their family in-laws, if husbands do not cater to the demands of their constantly nagging and demanding wives.

Now domestic violence bill has been passed by the parliament. This will further add to the miseries of battered husbands. The bills seeks only to protect the females and respondent has to be 'male'. This will only help police and corrupt law enforcers make more money by already harassed husband family.

Where does all this lead to? Does it not lead to a future of India where there is no trust between newly married couples; there is a constant vigilance on husband's part to protect him and his parents and brother from his wife's anger/wrath/whim if some petty demand of her is not met.

- Satya

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