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Modern Naari and 498a

Women and children need protection - is the premise of Indian Constitution.
Not any more.
The terms and conditions of the game are changing and government should take a notice of that.

Please have a look at the blog "Present India : Blame it on Men"

It made me curious about this bold woman. I did some internet search and found this article : Rakhi Sawant – Boldness Unlimited!

Text is reproduced below. You and your brain is the best judge of this situation.

- Satya

Rakhi Sawant – Boldness Unlimited!
04th Oct 2005 13.26 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau

The hot Rakhi Sawant isn’t just good at shedding clothes in front of the camera, her ‘on your face attitude’ too is worth taking notice.

Rakhi already shocked everyone by saying that she wanted to work in a x-rated film and then gave some steamy and hot scenes wearing only an underwear in Khamosh .

We just told you that in a forthcoming movie titled ‘Hot Money’, Rakhi appears in an item number that features her wearing nothing but 2000 coins worth Re. 1 each.

And this what the bold babes says about that song: "I am sure this song will create ripples in the industry. My breasts are covered with coins and when I shake with the music, they vibrate and there's a lovely clinking sound."

That dress (or the lack of it) has been designed by none other than her brother Rakesh Sawant, who is also the director of the movie.

And Rakhi doesn’t stop at that. She seems to be saying more and wearing less in front of the camera.

On an idea about date with Emraan Hashmi , Rakhi said: "I have seen that he has kissed every hottie in each film of his. But I think I can teach him a thing or too about passionate lip-lock when we meet up over dinner & wine."

On being told that her music videos are vulgar: “Yeh toh wahi baat hain, din mein bhaiyya, raat mein saiyya! I don’t think there is nothing vulgar about my dance nor the video. Jinko aankh ki sharam hain, woh na dekhe!"

Seems like Mallika Sherawat has some ‘hot’ competition on hand about being bold, both in terms of saying it and doing it.

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