Thursday, February 09, 2006


Change 498a before it is too late...

In any society there are good and bad elements. We all have sisters, and daughters, and undoubtedly, if some one behaves with them in an improper way, in such cases, our sisters and daughters need protection, and there should be law to punish the culprits.

However, such law should not have any loopholes/flaws, which can be used to errorise innocent. It is sad to read how section 498A is being misused by many. Unfortunately, the percentage of genuine cases are far too little than number of cases filed.

It is duty of Law Enforcement agencies to introduce safeguards so that provisions of law are not misused. If corrective steps are not taken on top priority, then it will slowly destroy of Indian Culture, which has already started. We are losing meaning of united and loving families. It is high time that every Indian foresee ill effect it will have on our future generations. Let us not set bad examples for our children or force them to grow in broken homes. Nation is not land, mountains and rivers, but kind of people and society that exist.

Let us not have attitude that I am not affected so why I raise my voice against such a law, who knows tomorrow what is going to happen in our home. As educated and responsible citizens of it is our duty to safe guard our society now, than feel sorry later.

See growing rate of divorce. Few days back there was news in HT, as per which majority of divorce cases are because women are having extra-marital affairs, why
this situation is there, it is because certain women feel with weapon of section 498A on their side, they are much stronger than their husbands and In-Laws. My
appeal to President of India, Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, and Judges is please examine this issue on priority and save Indian culture. Introduce Law,
which will protect innocent - both women and men.

- A concerned citizen

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