Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Woman files false rape case to pay off debts

Woman files false rape case to pay off debts

This does not surprise me. With the sort of laws NCW has been
instrumental in passing, more and more misuse will take place.

You have not seen anything. With the countrymen renouncing our Indian culture and blindly following western culture, more and more such incident will come.
"You ain't seen nothing honey".

Combination of Western culture and Indian laws and police is lethal to say the least.
How about the lady gets the same punishment as a man would have got
if he would have actually raped her?

Is it asking for too much?

And may I ask why is her face not shown, why is it covered? Why is that media shows every rapist face, alleged dowry abuser etc., but hides the face of a women? Even though when she stoops down to this henious level?
- Satya

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A strange story of relationships on V-Day

Arunoday Mukharji
Posted Tuesday , February 14, 2006 at 23:23 Email Print

New Delhi: It was not the usual Valentine's Day love story. A 27-year-old took Rs 5000 from her friend Poonam, who was having marital problems.

The cash was to get Ramesh, Poonam's husband out of the way and the plan was simple.

The accused would go to the police and claim she had been raped by Ramesh. Even though no rape actually took place, doctors initially believed she had been sexually assaulted.

DCP, North District, Sunil Garg says, "The investigative officer reached the spot and took the alleged victim to the hospital, and the doctors confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted."

But there was a twist in the tale. On extensive grilling the accused admitted she had had sexual intercourse with her boyfriend Navin just before registering the fake complaint of rape.

Both Navin and the accused are now in police custody and the search is on to arrest Poonam.

A very creative and scheming plan just to make a quick buck. Using rape as a weapon to get someone in trouble is somewhat common, but in this case, the accused really tested the limits.



Woman files false rape case to pay off debts
Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi, February 14, 2006

Lured by the promise of Rs 5,000, a 27-year-old woman in the national capital on Tuesday falsely accused two men of raping her.

Police said the woman agreed to lodge a false complaint in return for the money that she wanted to use to repay her lover's debts.

The woman accused Ramesh and Vijay, both auto-rickshaw drivers, of kidnapping and raping her.

Police said they received a call on Tuesday morning that a woman had been drugged and raped at a secluded spot at Timarpur area in north Delhi. Police took the woman to hospital where a medical examination was conducted.

During investigations, police learnt Ramesh was the husband of the alleged victim's friend, Poonam.

Poonam wanted to divorce Ramesh and asked her friend to lodge the false rape accusation, which would make it easier for her to get a divorce.

"On questioning Poonam, we found she had paid Rs 5,000 to her friend for registering a false case of rape against Ramesh," said Sunil Garg, deputy commissioner of police.



Fake rape charges: Cops arrest woman, associate

Express News Service

New Delhi, February 14: a woman and her alleged lover have been arrested for trying to implicating two men in a false rape case.

The woman is married and was having an affair with one Naveen Vishwakarma, a resident of Mandoli extension, the police said. Officers added she was offered by Rs 5,000 by a woman named Poonam to falsely implicate her husband Ramesh and his friend Vijay in a rape case. According to the police, as Naveen was heavily in debt, the woman agreed.

On wednesday morning, around 8:57 am, Naveen made a call to the police control room from a Gopalpur STD booth in Timarpur saying a woman had been raped by two people, the police said.

When the investigating officer sub-inspector Dharam Prakash reached the spot, he found the victim had been taken to Aruna Asaf Ali hospital. When he reached the hospital the “victim” told him that when she hired an autorickshaw from Mandoli for Ashok Vihar there was someone already sitting on the passenger seat. When the autorickshaw reached Gopalpur, the two men dragged her to an isolated spot and raped her, she said.

“There were several inconsistencies in her statement and we questioned her again. On repeated enquiry she broke down and confessed she had concocted the story,” said a senior police officer.

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