Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Who's the weaker sex?

Through out the internet, you will find the stories like the ones described in the following article.
Why is that women is considered the one who is "bechari", who must be the one at the receiving end of the blows. Just because they are physically weak? I conclude that only because of this property, they are favored by every ladder of society(media, professionally, lawmakers, law enforcers). No one wants to be part of the controversy that a sect of people did not help the "weaker" sex.

Who's the weaker sex?- The Times of India

In the largest democracy of the world, where everyone should be treated 'equal". Men are losing their voice and equal status because of some disillusioned "gender feminist". European countries and the west has already seen the harm the vocal and new age gender feminists have done. Do we want to have the same single parenting system, and broken marriage homes in India ? I would like to ask these law makers and feminist as to what is their ultimate aim and how 498a and domestic violence bill helps the same?

- Satya

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