Monday, August 08, 2005


How every informed citizen can help 498a victims

Guys, There are so many ways everyone of you can help us fight against rampant misuse of 498a and killing of institution of marraige (and help yourself).
1) Spend time in spreading the word (Publicity by word of mouth).
2) Spend time in finding other victims, get them to join our mission, via internet, or via helpline. 3) Write and publish articles in various regional daily newpaper or magazines.
4) Send "letters to editors" of vaious news papers.
5) Donate money to PSS, Asha Kiran, Sangabalya.
6) Volunteer to organize seminar, help with logistics.
7) Help answer other victims by finding more information.
8) Help Create pressure groups within city, state and society.
9) Help write letter to local MLA, MP.
10) Get your voice heard by any means.

We need support active or passive (preferrably active support) from everyone of you

- Satya

Good Morning ##NAME##, I find reading blog articles like ##TITLE## most rewarding at times. It enhances the experiences of life in many cases.

Being a physician, amongst other things I often have a soft spot for blogs related to free articles and /or sites that are built around free articles type items.

Once again, thank you ##NAME##, and I will look for your posts again in the future. :-)
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