Thursday, November 02, 2006


sad state of affairs, It is India, not eutopia

When Dowry Prohibition act was enacted (DP), prohibition officers
were supposed to be appointed by respective state governments. Even
SC has time and again reiterated that prohibition officers are to be
appointed so that police doesnt get involved directly and wreck any
marriages/family which can be saved by prohibition officers which is
a civilian post. This DP act was enacted about 20 years ago and still
no prohibition officers are appointed by any state govts. These
prohibition officers are supposed to call both sides, find the truth
and recommend to police if really/prima facie there exist demands for
dowry/harassment for dowry. Very recently even Madras High court CJ
has given a stay for all dowry related complaints. (Subsequently it
was vacated by the SC)

When the experience is such for the DP act itself which was enacted
20 years ago, will respective State Govts. appoint Protection
officers for DV act so fast??

Kiran bedi and many other feminists on the TV say that this DV will
ensure speedy justice for women in the form of residence orders,
economic relief etc. (The provision in DV being any complaint by the
women to be settled by the magistrate within 60 days and within 3
days notice has to be sent by the court to the husbands and his

Spare a thought to the Magistrates and Judges for the kind of load
they are already carrying. Now add the DV alongwith this.

The need of the hour is more magistrates/judges/presiding officers
and more infrastructure for new court/additional court buildings.
Maybe the courts should work in 2 shifts as suggested by our CJI,
appoint retired judges/magistrates to try out cases on
Saturdays/sundays if they are interested and fit.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Crappy and politically motivated: Domestic Violence bill

Comments from one of the concerned individual about the new "Domestic Violence bill" in India.

I am really not getting what is happening here. But, I
can feel that persons are discussing about the newly
implemented DV Law. I also like to share something.
Just going through point to point:

1.) This Law seems that against the women community.
It will create more problems and uncertain life for

2.) It seems that few women who couldn't save her
families and later on when they have got the power,
so, now they are trying to destroy other families.

3.) It is the crap created by this government without
knowing it's real problems. Very simple thinking, in
this world family is the smallest unit considered and
in this smallest unit, husband and wife relation is
the smallest of the smallest. Government has put the
law in this smallest unit too. Is this a right

4.) A small small problems between husband and wife
which, are easily solved by their mutual love and
understanding. Now, it will directly go for the
divorce (e.g. breaking the family and in turn to
affect the children which are the coming generation of
this country).

5.) This law completely looks politicaly motivated
and has been implemented to get the vote/favour of
innocent women.

6.) First these politicians have tried to break this
society/country on the basis of religion after that on
the basis of caste and now on the basis of gender.

7.) One very important aspect which, has not been
considered at all by those law makers before
implementing this law is, in spite of the
implementation of stringent laws like 498a and few
others since long time , still crime against women is
increasing by 40% every year. Have these people
thought over this point why it is still worsening???
This result itself says, law like this will not at all
help to solve the problem rather worse the problem.

8.) This law will create more problem in the marriage
of those girls who are little bit adavnce or well
educated or somewhat more egoistic. Because, this law
has not left any space between husband and wife to
solve their small small conflicts. Now, if girl's
parent will see that boys are more inclined towards a
well mannered, softly, less advance or hi-fi and cool
mind set girls then, they will be forced to keep their
girls at home rather than to send to convent or to
distant places for study. Psychology says that
confidence in a person always comes along with little
bit of the ego too.

9.) I will only say, male and female both should be
considered that both are natures beautiful creation
and created by nature to live in harmony and create
harmony and peace for others. Men should also realise
the importance of women and vice versa. I know that
crime against women are more. But, this will not go by
forcing a mind rather it will go by changing the mind
set. FOr this, to create awareness among male and
female are very very important. I think, forcing the
men mind will only worse the problem rather than to
solve it.

10.) We should not think that a problem which, is
coming since long time will be solved by overnight by
making these kind of laws. It will take it's own time.
If someone thinks, it is a overnight work it is simply
unprofessional, immature and impractical thinking.

11.) These politicians are not able or have not guts
to create the awareness among people so, they are
implementing these kind of laws. They are simply
running away from there basic duties.

12.) It is almost sure that these laws again will be
misused by well educated, advance, egoistic, bad
mannered girls more. This law which, has been made
mainly to target the problems in rural or suburban
areas or low class people will hardly get any response
from them. Rather it will be misused by greedy wives,
bad mannered girls etc.

13.) At last, I will only say and pray to males and
females of this country to understand the politics
behind this. It would be better if both (specially
men) should respect each others wishes, emotions and
feelings. And, live with love, affection and caring
for each other. Men in no way to beat or slap his
wives rather understand her and convince her with your
words. And, also listen her concerns.
Men should think that we are living in a civilized
society and in a civilized society MEN and WOMEN both
should grow equally. There are no differences between


Sunday, October 29, 2006


UN Violence Report is 'junk science' and utterly biased against men

UN Violence Report Criticized as Deliberately Biased
October 23, 2006

Contact: David Usher: 314-452-2297

Rockville, MD – Leading family violence researchers around the world are disputing the partner violence conclusions of the recent United Nations report, Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Women. The UN study probes the issue of violence directed against women and recommends strategies to combat abuse.

But leading scientists say the report’s approach to partner abuse is fundamentally flawed, and its recommended solutions will not solve the problem of partner aggression.

Dr. Murray Straus, co-director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, notes, “The UN report’s discussion on domestic violence is biased because it deliberately ignores half the problem – female perpetrators. Ending violence against women by male partners is not going to be achieved until women also desist.”

Felicity Goodyear-Smith, a physician-researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, believes men and women alike are ill-served by the report: “Studies consistently show that throughout the Western world, men and women initiate physical violence at about equal rates, and frequently partner violence is reciprocal. Portraying inter-partner violence as though it only involves male perpetrators and female victims does both men and women a disservice.”

Donald Dutton, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia believes many studies of intimate partner abuse do not meet even minimum standards of scientific validity: “Much domestic violence research conducted in North America has been so biased that it might be called ‘junk science.’ It has used selective data and interpreted results in a way that depicts all males as real or potential perpetrators, while downplaying female violence.”

Nicola Graham-Kevan, PhD, senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in England, believes that following the report’s recommendations will only allow the problem of spousal abuse to persist: “Research on intimate partner violence consistently finds that men and women use similar types of aggression. By ignoring the mutual nature of much partner violence, the UN ensures that both women and men will continue to be victimised in this way.”

Nearly 200 studies around the world show that men and women are equally likely to engage in partner aggression: . Psychologist John Archer has reported that 38% of persons injured by domestic violence are male...

Based on this news, I would ask that you take action.
For those of us here in the States, please email , and please express your regret that the UN report only told one side of the story. And please respectfully inform the UN that we need an updated, thorough, and accurate revision as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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