Saturday, January 28, 2006


And Dowry Demands: What's And How's

How does a women feel about dowry 'hoopla': "Dowry And Dowry Demands: What's And How's "

Recently came across this article written on Sulekha. Generally written with a balanced perspective.

- Satya

This comment is for NCW and politicians sleeping along with them:

For me you look knowledge less...Infact not you, any other politician is as such...Do you think atleast sitting yourself for few minutes? thinking calmly.

DOWRY is centuries old tradition. Who you are you or anyone intrude in stopping that? are you insane? Dowry demand and torturing a person for dowry is something similar to politician doing for the country(bit lesser though)...So we can have SEc 420 as such...

Because of idiots ruling the country...situation is totally going out of control...Does this person know, percentage of male suicide statistics in India? Does this fellow know about Indian Men diabetes rate is largest in the world.? Does this fellow know, average Indian middle class men have to become hard labour in feeding his family(though women have become very fast and reading english novels while watching sun-tv at home)....who gave the right for Indian men to be bonded labor after marriage? Why Indian men are weaker than any other men of the world? why Indian women is leading in Miss universe/world competitions? Answer is simple..because of these kind of ppl. ruling India. Because, these ppl. make money easily and thinks every men is the same...

Dowry torture of a women is purely women "IGNORANCE". Remove ignorance and poverty from the country. If a women is hit, then only criminal law should apply, these mitigated politicians while sleeping, introduce stupid laws like 498a, which they term as mis-used. Infact, a school going child can define 498a as foolish law by definition itself. Where these creator of this law got the wider definition like "MENTAL CRUELITY". A non dowry related any family cases, marital problem, property etc., everything can be linked to mental cruelty and women are using this foolish law inside the families. Who help such innocent husbands...who calmly eat, worry, loose health in a decade and die by stroke or attack.

Went through the 'pieces' and 'articles' posted on your site. Agreed and given that women have misused this section time and again. The right response should be to find out the right and practical amendments to the Section, rather than asking that it should be scraped. Yes, men have suffered but what happens to the women who suffer. Lets work better at framing out sentences and harder at the words we use so that it doesnot become about them and us. As many in laws have messed up their daughters life by interfering too much, many in laws have treated their daughter in laws with too little consideration. Giving up 27 years of your life is not that easy and plus men are not all that easy going either. If my husband were to hit me( I am not married) my parents would talk it out with him and his parents would pressure on him too, but in the end i would be expected to deal with the things. He adjusted with me but so would i with him. Lets just all work on awareness and honesty. Seems to be the only answer.
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