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Dear Editor,
The article mentioned in the subject talks about NRI men cheating after marrying indian women. I would like to bring to your notice that the article is flawed in its reasoning and seems to serve a hate-NRI propaganda. While I agree that there are cheaters in all sections of the society (including NRIs), it is obvious that a thorough and two-sided investigation and reporting has not been done by the team responsible for writing this story.

I would like to bring the following points to your notice:

1) If Anil had sent a visa for his wife, why did his wife not go to the US? The article says he did not respond after that and also says that she realized that she got cheated after reading one of Anil's emails. The article fails to mention what efforts are made by the girl in contacting him and what made her feel that she got cheated. The article also fails to mention the mode of his cheating - adultery, polygamy, dowry etc and whether there is a solid proof for that. How can a respected publication levy cheating charges without any of this information?

Instead, the real story could be something like this. Since NRIs stay far away from India, there are very limited options using which one can search for a wife. One such option is the internet. However as the article clearly mentioned, it is not always reliable as one does not have enough information about a person's background. The shortage of options is forcing NRIs to take a great risk. It is possible that the girl and her parents are interested only in money. Given this, NRIs are the most easy targets. Why? If the NRI is gullible, they can use him and his money for all their selfish needs. He is like the golden duck. If he is not, the girl can shed crocodile tears and implicate the guy with a false 498a and demand loads of money legally! It is possible that the wicked plans of the girl and her parents did not work on Anil and so they decided to take the alternate route. She might have decided not to go to the US and to stay in india and wait for Anil to show up. When he comes to India to visit family, the unsuspecting guy could have been caught and put behind bars. This could be the real story. We will not know unless you talk to both the parties and examine the facts. Was there any effort made by the eenadu team to talk to Anil?

I am sure you must be aware of the wide spread misuse of 498a and how easy it is to file a case under this law. You don't need any proof to file this type of case which can result in arresting the guy and his relatives. You have mentioned in your article that there is an increasing number of cases being filed, but have you looked at how many of these cases get proven in court? There are reports that 98% of such cases are dismissed in court. Given all this information, who should get the benefit of doubt? 98% or 2%?

2) In the same article, you had also mentioned that Kishore demanded for money in order to get a spouse visa instead of a fiance visa. I am not contesting the fact that he might have been married twice. It could be the case. However, my point is not relaed to that. Are you aware that US immigration laws for bringing spouses to the US are stricter and time consuming if you are permenant resident (green card holder) or a citizen? This is not the same for non-immigrant visa (F1, H1 etc) holders who can bring their spouses immediately on dependent visas. As far as I know, there is no way for a permenant resident or a citizen to bring spouses to the US other than sponsoring the spouse for a green card. The green card process takes a very long time and can be more than a few years depending on the case. So a lot of people do bring their spouses intermittently on a fiance visa. So the guy could not have provided any other visa other than a fiance visa given the circumstances. Also, is there proof that he demanded money? Again, was any effort made by the eenadu team to talk to Kishore?

3) You had also mentioned the story of a guy and a girl who got married after they met in the US. This girl had come to the US on her own and, I believe, has her own career. Your article says that the girl wanted to leave him and come to India and he filed a case against her for this reason. Also, the article says he harrased her. The US laws are very strict on domestic violence issues. Why did not she lodge a complaint in the US against him? Also, she could have just left him and stayed separately. He cannot force her to stay with him and there is no equivalent of RCR here. If your marriage is on the rocks and your spouse deserts you, there is nothing the other spouse can do other than file for a divorce. So why did she have to leave for India? If it had come to the extent that she has to leave for India, is she not better off taking a divorce and moving on with her life and career in the US itself? My point is there is no reason for her to come to India. Also, if we assume that she had taken a domestic role and had quit her job after marriage, the family court takes that into account while issuing a divorce and requires the guy to pay for alimony for a reasonable period of time until she can get back to her career. Why did she not explore those options? Why did not the eenadu team ask her these questions?

It is a pity that a renowned publication is writing stories without contacting and covering both sides of the story. I have a high regard for your publication but articles like this are questioning my opinion. Further, the article did not show any journalistic professionalism by revealing the true names of the people involved. This causes great damage to the reputation and career of those people whose cases are still in the courts and are not convicted. Further, the article showed double standards by revealing only the names of the guys and their relatives while keeping the names of the girls undisclosed.

I would urge you to treat this matter with utmost priority and take necessary action. I would also urge you to assign a team to investigate the misuse of 498a and related laws in our society today.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

P.S: I have included the link for the article mentioned above.

498A Section should not be a nightmare. The reason it is so is because as we read here, the police arrest the husband and the family upon the lady's first complain and then the case starts. The lady in question can complain to the police and then the police have to tell her to hire a lawyer to fight the case. The idea seems that the lady likes to harrase the husband and his family and this can be done so easily as she does not have to lift a stick or hire a gunda as the police do that job for her and so the police are guilty here and they should firstly be taken to the court and then the husband. Come on police we have to see you as god figure. Please dont lose your chance to get moksha doing your duty. As clearly it is the police harrasing and not the husband in many cases. So is there a 498A/Police to go legally against the police? These cases will almost get very small in number if this police illegal decision is put to check. Come on police we have to see you as god figure. People are clearly not scared of a letter from the lady's lawyer as they have the time and the money to fight back with the proof we see here. But how they do this and specially from abroad as they have the fear of being arrested in the first place? If one tries to be a Gandhi in 2006 India, he/she gets a bullet bit too quick and seems from the law itself. Men prefer to go abroad to be PIO(Person of Indian Origin?) and then NRI and be safe to marry and serve overseas country after spending India money for education. Men dont waste time changing India in 2006...bit too late when they still have these sort of rules and still so much needs doing. Let the law makers act properly before trusting the system there. That is their job...if a street person can see injustice in such areas then surely the educated law maker knows all. Let us see many Gandhis amongst the law makers. Wake up India. Wah!!! UK Guy
Reading all this about the misuse of law and in particular misuse of 498A, I have a suggestion for NRI. Go to India for a holiday. Like now, don’t get involved with politics and business there in India. By now after many years abroad, you have got this title of being a NRI. Most likely you are born abroad. So be a NRI. They used to say when you marry a lady, the 2 families also get married. The problems get sorted out by the 2 families. But remember now…..REMEMBER…..NRI guy not only marries an Indian lady from India but also marries the India police, who are the first ones to arrest you before you are found guilty. Why we blame the law? The law is there. The people who put the law in place are the ones to take the responsibility. So why marry a lady from India in the first place? There are plenty of Indian ladies abroad also where you now live. The Indian lady from India will find it difficult to adjust to the life abroad… particular UK and then will blame you and they have the additional police force in India who they can rely on to lock you up next time you are in India or can call you to India by arresting your family member in India, if you have any there. Why marry one and try to see if she adjusts to the life in UK. Why take this risk as she has the Indian police on her side to even ruin your future visits to India. Be safe where you belong and serve that country. You are a NRI and be a NRI. Yes, visit India, see the place, enjoy the Darshans at religious places, enjoy the food and get out after that, back to where you belong. Sorry India this is happening now after personal experience. I am giving my points only about this one problem in India. It is up to others and India herself to address other issues. UK guy.


There are 3.22 Million Indians in America

38% of Doctors in America are Indians.

12% of Scientists in America are Indians.

36% of NASA employees are Indians.

34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians

28% of IBM employees are Indians

17% of INTEL employees are Indians

13% of XEROX employees are Indians

23% of Indian Community in America is having Green-Card'

Above information from an email

So why they went to USA in the first place?
Why so many more still want to go to USA and UK in 2006?
Why they left India?..... Because many of them might be children of the leaders and the rich in India and prefer to live in the west.
Anonymous said...


Dear Friends,

I am please to blog this on behalf of this 17 Yr Old College going Girl, She Writes

I being a 21st Century Girl doesn’t believe that India is a male dominated country because now-a-days abla’s are sabla’s I mean to say that today’s generation women always want to get something which is new branded and which also has a status symbol that too sitting at home without earning anything. This whole pressure comes on the poor husband who has to listen to his parents, to his in-law, to his boss to his children’s demand too. Irrespective of his demand he has to fulfill his family demand first.

If demand is not fulfilled by him then he has to listen to his wife’s taunts, his children’s frustration to face other problems too. Husbands also have only one person to whom they can talk i.e. to their wife, But dominating nature of wives make them more angry and violent due to which male remove their frustration in form of anger and violence. After that, the spouse or man’s better half do the propaganda of their so called plight without thinking about their husband’s mental status. Thus, adding fuel to fire. They do this with their sure shot and powerful weapon i.e. Tears. Some wives are so great that they directly go to the cops without thinking once about the consequences on their husbands and his family members, Due to which males like (Ram) have to suffer a lot.

This thought of mine can be explained with my personally witnessed experience some days back in my friend’s case. She was genuinely eve teased by some notorious guys in her neighborhood. Her father came to know about this incidence and he called the cops. The guys were taken to question by the police. But to my surprise the police did not even question us at all!!! They took us on face value and the guys were bashed royally by police. And we were not even questioned at all. I could sense the loop hole that I hear many elder married guys stuck in divorce who talks about it, like the one in my neighborhood. Before which I had no whiff about the whole thing.

I asked the police if we could leave and he understood my gesture on face. And he said to us that “You are like our daughters and we have now to be extra cautious about our image too, especially after the rape cases”

And that is where after the NC was lodged I could make out that men are really really vulnerable and women is actually dominating men using men (police) and law to the maximum of their advantage.

No doubt my friends’ grievance was genuine but the statement of the police and the treatment given to the accused at the face value of the whole matter made my conscience prick me to the extent of telling me that thank god I do not have a brother else he could have been victimized and would have been equally vulnerable to this attitude of the police.

“That keeps me pondering on the question that “Is India Really a Male Dominated Country???”

Sneha Kala.
XII Commerce, C-11.
Thakur College

5:51 PM
They used to say when you marry a lady, the 2 families also get married. The problems get sorted out by the 2 families. But remember now…..REMEMBER…..NRI guy and and others dont only marry an Indian lady from India but also marries the Indian police, who are the first ones to arrest you before you are found guilty. Why we blame the law? The law is there. The people who put the law in place are the ones to take the responsibility. So why marry an lady from India in the first place
Arre...yahin to dhokha kha gaya India..

India is so divided as it is and such laws will only send females to some sector of the men men police, men lawyers, men judges. As per the law, men are not trusted it seems and most of the people handling the cases are men. This is the place where the same ladies will say yes sir and can end up doing whatever is said to them and will have to keep the mouth shut also, and later realise what real trouble can be.

Let all that happen and then when they don’t have any place to go to, then the lesson will be learnt… this what we want to happen to our sisters, wives and mothers? Don’t you think it will be too late by then? Meaning….. where will they complain when harassed by men police, men lawyers, and men judges? These guys may not be your husbands but they will still be men. Will they care for you more than your husbands? Will they truly care for you?

Lot needs to be done to have good population of men police, men lawyers, men judges etc before letting these women go to these men. I say this because men are not trusted as per the law. It is like a case where a woman law maker is sending a poor cow to a lion hoping that the lion is a vegetarian. Note for the law maker (specially the female law maker):- Please first sort out other problems before this creates more problems for the society.

I live in Kolkata and one of the sufferer of woman biased matrimonial laws of india. I want to provide some hard fact to you.The current rate of resolving 498A in Kolkata is two lakh to seven lakh.Greedy women are making a lot of money. We all condemn dowry but this type of "husband Looting" is openly allowed by government and law.It sounds great.

My wife left my house becasuse she wants to stay with me in her paternal home in condition that I should not keep contact with my old parent. I have black & white proof. Till court will not hear to me.In law I am the culprit. I have to pay alimony.My wife is working in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICE as a software engineer and she is consealing the fact.i earn less than her. Still she demanded alimony and I have to pay it. Out of court she demanded seven (7) lakh for divorse and threatening to file 498A. I refused to pay 7 lakh because I do not have so much money and I have done nothing wrong. My case is still going on for last four years and I witness that crime is paying with the help of government.

I am a regular visitor of alipore court for last four years and I have found a rush of 498A in recent days. Lawyears, police and greedy wives are looting husbands and members of the Husband's family are weeping outside the court.99.99% of the 498A cases, I have witnessed, are being bargained outside the court and allegations are totally false& fabricated.

Sir, I oath that I ahve not received any dowry during my marriage and still my wife framing this false charge againt me.Only God knows how I feel.

Sir, I request you, please initiate some action to stop implementing domestic violence Bill and 498A. Otherwise our future generation will be full of drug addicts, educated criminals and depressed one, emerging out from these broken families.

Sir, there are a lot of laws to protect women. Sir please do something before it is too late.

Sir,As per record, domestic violence case( 498A) are on the rise in west bengal but the hidden fact is women are using these laws to ern more money and quick way of vengeance.Conviction rate of these laws( less than 0.5% percent) points out to the fact.

A friend from KOLKATA
Battered husbands join hands to take on 'better' halves
Press Trust of India
Posted online: Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 1143 hours IST
Updated: Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 1218 hours IST

Kolkata, June 16: Men facing a hard time from their spouses but have none to turn to, can take heart. 'Pirito Purush Poti Parishad' (forum of oppressed husbands) is here to take up their cause.

The organisation, which has 1500 members, takes up the cause of men who suffer mental and physical torture at the hands of their wives, and offers help ranging from counselling and legal advice to fighting their cases in court.

"Women having to face torture from their husbands and in-laws is quite common in the country, but incidents of men being on the receiving end are gradually on the rise, specially in urban areas," says the organisation's president, Aruna Mukherjee.Æ

"For women there are many laws to deal with such problems and many bodies like the Women's Commission and the women's grievance cell, while there is no facility for men who face problems from their wives," she told PTI here.

"It's not that we entertain the problems faced by men only, but also those of women," Mukherjee, a practising advocate at the Calcutta high court, said of the organisation that was founded in 1992.

"Thirty per cent of the members of our organisation are women," she said with obvious pride claiming that these women have come forward for the cause of suffering men.

Demanding amendment to section 498a of IPC (punishment for subjecting a married woman to cruelty), which is "loaded in favour of women", Mukherjee claimed that there were several instances when women have been found to take advantage of this law for wrong causes.

"As a lawyer, I have seen the Act being misused by women, while many women who have really suffered cannot even approach police stations or courts," Mukherjee said.

"Charges under section 498a be either made bailable, or a new section under

498B be introduced wherein males would be able to lodge complaints of domestic torture against their spouses," she suggested.

"We want the guilty, whether husband or wife, to be punished, but not the misuse of law," the elderly lawyer, who comes from a conservative North Kolkata locality, said.

Mukherjee, who has authored a book named "Narir Swadhikar" (women's rights), claimed that in the name of 'women's liberation', a lot of wrongs are being committed by a section of women, "breaking up many families on the slightest pretext or issue.

"Our aim is to create a healthy society, where people are happy and families stay together," she said.

"We enquire into complaints received from men and verify whether they are genuine and then act on them," Mukherjee said adding that a panel of lawyers helps these people face domestic problems that they encounter.

Claiming that the organisation receives over 150 complaints from men a month, she said, "We deal with cases neutrally. We first enquire whether the man is speaking the truth."

Asked why being a woman, she was fighting for the cause of men, Mukherjee said "in the 19th century, when women in Bengal were suffering a lot, great men like Iswarchandra Bidyasagar and Raja Ram Mohan Roy took up cudgels for them, so now when some men are suffering due to women, we women should come forward and stand by them."
Sir/Madam the following are published in the Times of India. Here is the link
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The content of the column is as below:-
KOLKATA: City lawyers claim to be surprised at the spate of ‘patently unfair’ cases alleging cruelty to the bride under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which is a cognizable and non-bailable offence meaning that the police can arrest without warrants and bails can be obtained only from a law court and not the police station.

They are also surprised to come across many cases which, they feel, are brazenly fabricated and amount to a gross abuse of a legal provision.

Once a woman lodges a complaint, the arrest of the husband is virtually routine. And if he happens to be a government servant or working in a public sector undertaking or bank, his suspension follows again as a routine.

In some cases lawyers have been appalled to find elderly relatives of the husband and even visiting relatives of the husband implicated in the case.

In some cases the husband and his family are virtually being blackmailed into coughing up money and reach an out-of-court settlement.

In one of the cases the bride is said to have won the heart of her in-laws so much that when her sister-in-law gets married, all the family jewellery are put in her lockers.

She takes the jewellery, leaves the house and promptly lodges a complaint against her husband.

Inquiries revealed that she had an earlier affair and had left to live with her love, recalls Ananda Basu, Advocate practising in the Calcutta High Court.

Eminent lawyer Bishnu Charan Ghosh says, “As a lawyer I have never come across such gross abuse of any of the provisions of any Act as I am experiencing in 498A IPC cases”.

He goes on to say, “I don’t mean to suggest that brides are always the villains and not the victim. In a majority of the cases, in fact, the brides are at the receiving end. But what is surprising is the large number of cases where the brides actually seem to be villainous”.

Asked about the ways to check abuse of section 498A, B.C.

Ghosh and Gitanath Ganguly, the former suggests a threefold measure: (i) to convert section 498A into a bailable one, (ii) The Ld. court could carefully consider whether the allegations of the bride are indeed genuine at least against the in-laws or other relations of her husband when it directs investigation under section 156(3) of CrPC for an offence under section 498A and, (iii) The Ld. court could carefully take into account whether custodial detention is at all needed for the old in-laws and other relations.

Ganguly suggests that on receiving a complaint under section 498A from a woman, police should immediately approach the Magistrate instead of arresting the accused.

He asserted that the police should collect the materials, place them before the Magistrate and arrest people only with the permission of the Magistrate. He also suggests making the offence under this section a bailable one.

The lawyers also point out the irony that while women belonging to the poorer sections, for whom the section was primarily meant, are not even aware of the provision, the section is being merrily misused by a section of the urban women.
Sir/Madam please go through the submission below

Domestic Violence Rumor Mill Runs the United Nations

By David R. Usher on Nov 13, 06

If United States Ambassador John Bolton fails to act, world feminists
will seize vast powers to destroy families internationally while committing
tremendous human rights violations against men, women, and children in every
country of the world.

Everyone agrees that domestic violence is a problem. Feminists
dishonestly pretend it is entirely problem of unruly men, buttressed by
unreliable myopic surveys of women. The purpose of this feminist approach
is to achieve the primary goal of radical feminism: to destroy marriage,
seize children and family wealth, and establish the liberated single-mother
family. Unfounded allegations of abuse are the political and legal vector
already used in many western countries to achieve this end.

*The senseless destruction of marriage, homes, families, and the lives of
children in western cultures has deeply violated the human rights of
everyone. It has transformed many good cities into third-world urban
disasters suffering from rampant illegitimacy, prostitution, crime, child
sexual predation, and poverty. Radicals at the United Nations wish to force
their new world order on the rest of the world.*
The truth is this: women are as likely, or even more likely than men to
engage in, and initiate, domestic violence. According to a 32-nation by
Murray Straus, female-only partner aggression is twice as prevalent as
male-only partner abuse.

Many credible individuals now recognize this fact. They acknowledge the
truth, and in many cases advocating strongly against the looming radical
takeover of the United Nations. You can count on leaders and knowledgeable
professionals (not driven by entitlements or political power) such as
President Bush, Phyllis Schlafly, Dr. Gerald Koocher (President of the APA),
Dr. Murray Straus, Dr. Don Dutton, Wendy McElroy, Dr. Felicity
Goodyear-Smith, and Lee Newman [SAFE International] to speak the truth.

Even a child could see through the rumor-mill-fed machinations of
feminists. Here are a few examples:

The 113-page United Nations Report admits it is based on a "lack [of]
systematic and reliable data on violence against women". There is no
evidence in the report that any information was collected about women's
violence against men. Without any supportive factual foundation, the U.N.
Report claims that "Violence against women persists in every country in the
world as a pervasive violation of human rights and a major impediment to
achieving gender equality".

The U.N. Commission on Human Rights framework for model legislation on
domestic violence is a carte-blanche vehicle empowering feminists to violate
science and human rights in every country of the world. It defines domestic
violence solely as "gender-specific violence directed against women", and
admonishes states to "adopt the broadest possible definitions of acts of
domestic violence". It states, "There shall be no restrictions on women
bringing suits against spouses or live-in partners". The victim must be
advised "of her rights as outlined below". The responding officer must
"arrange for the removal of the offender from the home and, if that is not
possible and if the victim is in continuing danger, arrest the offender".
It permits immediate seizure of assets, and criminal conviction on the sole
basis uncorroborated testimony by the alleged victim.

· WHO's director Lee Jong-Wook made a stunning, scientifically-juxtaposed
claim about global domestic violence: "Women are more at risk from violence
involving people they know at home than from strangers in the street."

The World Bank estimates that "sexual and domestic violence accounts for
19 per cent of the disease burden among women aged 15-44 in industrialised
countries". Do banks scientifically study domestic violence?

*· **A UNPF report alleges that two-thirds of married women in India were
victims of domestic violence, and then contradicts itself by claiming that
70 per cent of married women in India between the age of 15 and 49 are
victims of beating, rape or coerced sex. This report also asserts that the
rate of domestic violence is much higher in Egypt with 94 per cent and
Zambia with 91 per cent.*

· UNICEF makes a wild assertion based on a "study" done in conjunction
with Body Shop International (a mail-order firm specializing in toiletries)
"at least one in three women globally has been beaten, coerced into sex, or
abused in some other way-most often by someone she knows, including by her
husband or another male family member. Globally, one woman in four has been
abused during pregnancy." If one-quarter of pregnant women are beaten, that
leaves only 8% being beaten when they are not pregnant. The report spends
much time discussing children living in situations of domestic violence, but
fails to determine whether domestic abuse by the mother or father is the
cause of child problems.

Where do these dangerous claims come from? Non-Governmental Womens
organizations around the world generate volumes of narcissistic surveys
about violence. These are fed to feminists in the United Nations, whose
re-sytheses are recited round-robin by NGO's, creating vast illusions for
predatory political use.

Here are a few examples how the revolving feminist rumor mill works:

· Women's activists in Russia claim that 50,000 Russian women are beaten
every hour. If this is true, every one of the 66,758,805 women in Russia
would be beaten every 13 days.

· The Texas Council on Family violence makes unfathomable claims based on
nothing more than informal surveys of women: "Over 24,000 women from 15
sites in 10 countries were interviewed for the World Health Organization's
study which showed that over 75 per cent of them were physically or sexually
abused since the age of 15 and reported a partner as the culprit."

*· Based solely on self-generated "surveys" of women, feminist activists
in India claim that 70% of women are abused, despite the fact that no
credible scientific studies have ever been undertaken to support the claim.

· The Feminist Majority cites World Health Organization (WHO) surveys of
women, saying that "More than 25 percent of women said they had experienced
moderate to severe domestic violence in the last year. At six of the 15
sites, over 50 percent of women had experienced a moderate to severe level
of domestic violence. The study found that rural Ethiopia had the highest
rate of domestic violence, with 71 percent of women experiencing violence in
the home.

United Nations should be involved in ending domestic violence. The
approach must be realistic and scientifically appropriate on a
country-by-country basis. Clearly, the ideological feminist approach will
harm many women, men, and families, and be dangerous to the world. The
United States must not submit to foreign controls that lump it in the same
category as Sudan.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Ambassador Bolton should testify
against acceptance of the Secretary General's Report, and state why it is
unacceptable. President Bush should send a message that the United States
will not support the United Nations at the present level of $5.3 billion
annually, should it pursue a course of action that will clearly violate
human rights in most egalitarian countries of the world.

Fake Statistics Used to Claim that Wife-Beating is Men's "Birthright" Throughout
the world women in dating relationships are twice as likely as men to be
perpetrators of serious domestic violence. In India, for example, 23.0% of
severe aggression was instigated by women, 15.3% was male-initiated, and
61.5% was mutual - see, Table 3.
But those facts didn't stop The Washington Times (TWT) from publishing an
article that completely ignored the problem of women who physically abuse
It's not just that the article is one-sided - it also makes inflammatory
and derisive statements about men. The story quotes Brinda Karat of the
All-India Democratic Women's Association who claims that men "want to hold
on to their birthright to beat up women."
How can any responsible journalist include such a derogatory claim about
any group in society?
The TWT article does mention the problem of false allegations by women.
But that does not compensate for the fact that the article doesn't give the
exact source of a key statistic.
The article claims, "A 2005 U.N. Population Fund report found that 70
percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape." Somehow
that number seems a little hard to believe.
So RADAR did an extensive search of the UN Population Fund's website.
Nothing there.
Then a Google search. No luck.
So RADAR finally contacted the UNDP Information Office. The UNDP employee
was unable to find a statement in any UNDP publication that even resembled
that statistic.
Conclusion: The phony 70% figure was concocted by someone whose agenda was
something other than reporting the truth.
Folks, we can't let this inflammatory story pass unnoticed. The editors at
the Washington Times need to hear from a boatload of upset readers. Please
tell them this message:
"The 'Abused Wives in India' article is biased, laced with anti-male
rhetoric, and uses make-believe statistics. It ignores the well-documented
fact that in India, women are twice as likely as men to engage in partner
violence: The story is so
systematically flawed that it resembles a propaganda piece. The Washington
Times should promptly retract this article and do a follow-up article that
tells the truth about domestic violence."

I read the article and am really disturbed by the thought of women taking advantage of the laws and harassing men unnecessarily and many a times in want of money and US Visa as in one of the cases I have come to know about personally. It would seem like a story straight out of a book or crime watch!
The NRI boy came to marry a girl from India.
Now what he did not know was that the girl already had a lover and wanted to move to USA legally to live with her married lover, who lived in the US. Now, this lover had married a US citizen so he was unable to take his lover. So, they planned this together!
The girl married the NRI guy stayed with him until the process of the green card for her was completed then called the police, her parents from India, packed everything she could lay her hands on! Practically robbed the guy of his belongings and money in bank, cash in house, jewellery, expensive cloths purchased by husband of course. She had come empty handed from her parents as the boy did not believe in getting anything from the girls parents. To be very clear she practically cleared the house of even draperies, medicine cabinet and all! Believe me, I saw the stripped home of the guy who was is tears and on the verge of suicide !
The girl went with her brother in US, who was again an illegal immigrant and later on married a Patel girl with US citizenship. She filed a harassment complain with the agency who takes care of harassed women in US ! This inspite of the police report saying that they found her unharmed and in good health !!!!! The same police had helped her to load the things she scavaged from her husbands home.
The boy with help of his family and friends came out of the trauma and filed for divorce in India.
This case has been going on since 2004 !!!!! The girl and the parents looting the boy in name of interim maintainance !!!!!
And our Indian law is unable to give justice to the boy!!!!!!
Girls like this along with their parents should be punished and jailed !!! The girl should be dragged back from USA stripping her of the green card!!!

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