Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Letter to supreme court


The Regstrar General,
Supreme Court of India,
Tilak Marg,New Delhi
(With a request to place this letter beforethe honourable CJI and
other judges)

Sub. :Restoration of peace and tranquility in Indian families

Respected Sir,
This to submit that there is continuous exponential growth of
suicide in India in which family problem is the biggest cause. Also
there is continuous exponential growth of matrimonial litigations in
India both civil and criminal. These are objective facts and are
matters of government record and need no proof.
2. Consequently.these two phenomena prove that there is severe
social disorganisation in India.
3. It is,therefore,needless to mention that all the three pillars of
society- legislation, judiciary and executive are not effective to
maintain peace and tranquility in the Indian families. Hence, this
appeal is preferred to invite attention of all concerned for the
restorarion of peace and tranquility in Indian families.

4.I am making this appeal after a lots of observations of the
Courts' decisions and directions to the government, articles in
various news papers and magazines and my own observations on
deterorating condition of Indian families.
It's very well known to all the above that now a days apart from
conventional civil matters criminal proceedings are created out of
blue.To keep her husband in-laws under her toes a married woman not
only threatens them to send to jail but virtually she does so. If a
has some illicit relations and is caught red handed, she would
the husband to either keep quite or be ready to undergo the criminal
proceedings. If the girl's parents interfere more than reasonable in
the family matters and the boy objects, they threaten to book him
criminal proceedings. This is thanks to softness towards women
despite their nefarious activities that are against their family
obligations.. Occaisionally honorable
courts have also experienced this and have given some decisions
these facts. But unfortunately, these court instructions are not
sufficient enough for the need of the hour. So as a concerned
citizen of India I submit below my concerns for the consideration of
legislation, judiciary and executive to restore peace and
tranquility in the indian families.

5.The DV Act is more than 20 years old today and certainly needs
because of it's nature. Women and their families today are using
this act to satisfy their ego. By the amendment anti-family
propaganda must be censored.

6. Article 21 of the constitution guaratees dignified life. But as
it is clear by now that hardly less than 2% cases under section 498A
IPC end in conviction. Therefore, lakhs of innocent people are
rendered to indignity because of this law. Unfortunately this
provision is applied even before marriage and after divorce also
which makes it sure that WIFE means Worry Invited For Ever.
Therefore, a pre-registration invesigation be made mandatory on
family matters.

7· What caused the legislation not to review the Acts passed
more than 20 years ago?

If the situations have not changed even and even deteriorated
after 20+ years
then it should be clear that the laws aren't good enough and
aren't working to make the things better.

· What caused the parliament to believe that husbands and in-laws are
worse than the terrorists? The parliament removed TADA and POTA
stating that
it can be misused and no innocent should be punished, but when it
to families their opinion changed. Why? Neither the husbands nor
families are hardcore criminals. Thus it should be dealt accordingly,
whereas it is done just opposite at the moment.

What caused the parliament to believe that a woman
can't lie, especially if she is a married and alleging against her
husband and in-laws?

· Even though the Supreme Court verdicts the 498a as a Legal
Terrorism in India, it wasn't sufficient enough for the Parliament
to awake. Why?

· What caused the Parliament to have biased laws? Why is
there assumptions made on behalf of gender, caste or religion? All
laws superseded the fundamental rights of Indian Citizens. Also,
laws superseded the basics of law in India is that no innocent should
suffer. It is of lot of concern for the legislation,judiciary and

· What caused the govt. to ignore the Mallimath Committee
report? If they were already of some pre mind set, then why did the
waste public money?

· Constitution says that nothing stops the parliament to
make provisions for the betterment of backward classes and weaker sex
(females). Reservation in our country is a provision to uplift the
backward classes and the weaker sex. But 498a is not a provision,
it's a criminal law and constitution does not allow that. There has
to be a difference between a criminal law and a provision. A
can't land a family in jail, male, female children and old for no
reason, just because a girl says
that she was harassed. It's a serious matter to be looked into by
the all three pillars of the society. I would request the honorable
court to put a stay
on this law and get this law removed or changed so it justifies with
the Indian citizens irrespective of gender or caste.

· Why haven't government looked into the matters, even
after knowing that the Women Cells aren't of any use and are just
working for extorting money from innocent people?

· The statistics of 498a cases tells that it's been
heavily misused, then why haven't parliament added a provision to
the law to punish the false complainants?

· If parliament would collect the statistics of all the 498a
cases, they would come to know that :

o Only 2% were actually convicted

o Most of the cases settled after the lady took huge amount of
money from their husbands

o Majority of cases were found false by the courts

Hence our matters of concerns are as below:

· Why parliament is not looking into this severe matter
which is causing a lot of damage to our society?

· If the case has to be settled after taking money, then why
the filing of case. Please mind, it's a criminal offence and no
crime can be settled by money, or can it be? Then, why the cases were
settled after taking money? It should be banned, that this case
can't be settled by taking money and if the girl later on tries to
take back the case, she should be punished for lodging a false

· Why haven't parliament created a law to stop any kind
of gift exchange to avoid the consequences later on? What has caused
parliament to believe that if claimed, all the gifts given to the
are always Dowry? And if so, then it should be banned. Then why is
a provision of "Stri Dhan"?

· Why is there no right to the men for the same?

· Divorce to be settled only after the 498a proceedings are
over. Also, because of it's nature proceedings should be fast and it
should be done at the earliest.

· Why are these feminists given such freedom to interfere in
Indian judicial system? And why is parliament working under their
pressure? Their work is to make the government aware of the facts
and to
work at ground levels to make the things better for the women but not
pressurize the parliament to make any biased laws and spreading wrong
message in public to use the laws to settle their personal scores.

· It is of grave concern that a
girl goes to police and says that her husband and his family are
harassing her for dowry, and just the words are more than enough to
the husband and his family to jail. Now its husband and his family
who have
to prove their innocence. Please suggest the ways how to prove their
innocence? If the husband would record the conversation or record the
daily activities, would it be justified? Isn't this something which
can cause a disbelief in husband and his family's mind? Or should
husband send a private detective after the girl? Is that fine? If you
also agree with me that everyone should have freedom, then how a man
prove his innocence? If it can't be proven and a husband has be
punished then why this court proceedings and all this humiliation?
send them jail. It's a family matter and should be kept within the
family. If anyone has an issue, they can always apart. Why is govt.
much interested to spy in our family matters? If govt. argues that
it's a family matter and is difficult to prove and that's why
this is non-bailable then we would counter this by only one statement
that it's vice-versa. If girl can't prove this then it's
same with the boy. In this whole episode of proceeding the elders and
children have to go through severe mental trauma and abuses. It
be stopped with the immediate effect. US govt. has a caution printed
when applied for VISA for India (its about 498a). This is also not
enough to make the parliament to awake. I would like to ask, what
can be
done to awake the parliament.

Above all I again would invite your attention to the fact that this
supersedes the basics of Indian constitution and thus should be made
null and void.

We seek some sincere efforts from the all the three pillars to save
society from this draconian law.

8.Sincere apologies for any mistake in the letter as I am n't legal
expert . But I just felt that since it's a
matter of great concern for our society, it becomes the moral
responsibility of us, the Indian citizens to bring this matter into
notice of three pillars to save the society.
9. Finally, this is to submit that promoting scientific temper is
our findamental duty under Article 51A of the Constitution of India.
It is scentific to say that married women can be as cruel as any
body else and so also they can be as kind as all the rest. So
presuming that no married woman can be cruel and only her husband
and in-lwas can be cruel lacks scientific temper. So it is submitted
that all the three pillars may demonostrate scientific temper as
expected by our constitution and set all the family laws right to
restore peace and tranquility in the Indian families.

10.Looking forward to sincere efforts from all the three pillars of
the society.

Thanks and Regards.

onymous said...
498A Section should not be a nightmare. The reason it is so is because as we read here, the police arrest the husband and the family upon the lady's first complain and then the case starts. The lady in question can complain to the police and then the police have to tell her to hire a lawyer to fight the case. The idea seems that the lady likes to harrase the husband and his family and this can be done so easily as she does not have to lift a stick or hire a gunda as the police do that job for her and so the police are guilty here and they should firstly be taken to the court and then the husband. Come on police we have to see you as god figure. Please dont lose your chance to get moksha doing your duty. As clearly it is the police harrasing and not the husband in many cases. So is there a 498A/Police to go legally against the police? These cases will almost get very small in number if this police illegal decision is put to check. Come on police we have to see you as god figure. People are clearly not scared of a letter from the lady's lawyer as they have the time and the money to fight back with the proof we see here. But how they do this and specially from abroad as they have the fear of being arrested in the first place? If one tries to be a Gandhi in 2006 India, he/she gets a bullet bit too quick and seems from the law itself. Men prefer to go abroad to be PIO(Person of Indian Origin?) and then NRI and be safe to marry and serve overseas country after spending India money for education. Wake up India. Wah!!! UK Guy
NRI lost interest and respect for the place when recently got into this trap. Previously was visiting India regularly and also contrubuted at places of need. Totally innocent but now even scared to place information here with name and address.....simply because you never know what can happen. My life is valued by me and dont want it ruined by some thugs when such law exists in India. Can we please have more Gandhis from the politicians of India? Gandhi opened this employment.....that is Official Indian Politics. So let us give something in return to HIM please. UK Guy.
Reading all this about the misuse of law and in particular misuse of 498A, I have a suggestion for NRI. Go to India for a holiday. Like now, don’t get involved with politics and business there in India. By now after many years abroad, you have got this title of being a NRI. Most likely you are born abroad. So be a NRI. They used to say when you marry a lady, the 2 families also get married. The problems get sorted out by the 2 families. But remember now…..REMEMBER…..NRI guy not only marries an Indian lady from India but also marries the India police, who are the first ones to arrest you before you are found guilty. Why we blame the law? The law is there. The people who put the law in place are the ones to take the responsibility. So why marry a lady from India in the first place? There are plenty of Indian ladies abroad also where you now live. The Indian lady from India will find it difficult to adjust to the life abroad… particular UK and then will blame you and they have the additional police force in India who they can rely on to lock you up next time you are in India or can call you to India by arresting your family member in India, if you have any there. Why marry one and try to see if she adjusts to the life in UK. Why take this risk as she has the Indian police on her side to even ruin your future visits to India. Be safe where you belong and serve that country. You are a NRI and be a NRI. Yes, visit India, see the place, enjoy the Darshans at religious places, enjoy the food and get out after that, back to where you belong. Sorry India this is happening now after personal experience. I am giving my points only about this one problem in India. It is up to others and India herself to address other issues. UK guy.


There are 3.22 Million Indians in America

38% of Doctors in America are Indians.

12% of Scientists in America are Indians.

36% of NASA employees are Indians.

34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians

28% of IBM employees are Indians

17% of INTEL employees are Indians

13% of XEROX employees are Indians

23% of Indian Community in America is having Green-Card'

Above information from an email

So why they went to USA in the first place?
Why so many more still want to go to USA and UK in 2006?
Anonymous said...


Dear Friends,

I am please to blog this on behalf of this 17 Yr Old College going Girl, She Writes

I being a 21st Century Girl doesn’t believe that India is a male dominated country because now-a-days abla’s are sabla’s I mean to say that today’s generation women always want to get something which is new branded and which also has a status symbol that too sitting at home without earning anything. This whole pressure comes on the poor husband who has to listen to his parents, to his in-law, to his boss to his children’s demand too. Irrespective of his demand he has to fulfill his family demand first.

If demand is not fulfilled by him then he has to listen to his wife’s taunts, his children’s frustration to face other problems too. Husbands also have only one person to whom they can talk i.e. to their wife, But dominating nature of wives make them more angry and violent due to which male remove their frustration in form of anger and violence. After that, the spouse or man’s better half do the propaganda of their so called plight without thinking about their husband’s mental status. Thus, adding fuel to fire. They do this with their sure shot and powerful weapon i.e. Tears. Some wives are so great that they directly go to the cops without thinking once about the consequences on their husbands and his family members, Due to which males like (Ram) have to suffer a lot.

This thought of mine can be explained with my personally witnessed experience some days back in my friend’s case. She was genuinely eve teased by some notorious guys in her neighborhood. Her father came to know about this incidence and he called the cops. The guys were taken to question by the police. But to my surprise the police did not even question us at all!!! They took us on face value and the guys were bashed royally by police. And we were not even questioned at all. I could sense the loop hole that I hear many elder married guys stuck in divorce who talks about it, like the one in my neighborhood. Before which I had no whiff about the whole thing.

I asked the police if we could leave and he understood my gesture on face. And he said to us that “You are like our daughters and we have now to be extra cautious about our image too, especially after the rape cases”

And that is where after the NC was lodged I could make out that men are really really vulnerable and women is actually dominating men using men (police) and law to the maximum of their advantage.

No doubt my friends’ grievance was genuine but the statement of the police and the treatment given to the accused at the face value of the whole matter made my conscience prick me to the extent of telling me that thank god I do not have a brother else he could have been victimized and would have been equally vulnerable to this attitude of the police.

“That keeps me pondering on the question that “Is India Really a Male Dominated Country???”

Sneha Kala.
XII Commerce, C-11.
Thakur College

5:51 PM
They used to say when you marry a lady, the 2 families also get married. The problems get sorted out by the 2 families. But remember now…..REMEMBER…..NRI guy and and others dont only marry an Indian lady from India but also marries the Indian police, who are the first ones to arrest you before you are found guilty. Why we blame the law? The law is there. The people who put the law in place are the ones to take the responsibility. So why marry an lady from India in the first place
Arre...yahin to dhokha kha gaya India..

India is so divided as it is and such laws will only send females to some sector of the men men police, men lawyers, men judges. As per the law, men are not trusted it seems and most of the people handling the cases are men. This is the place where the same ladies will say yes sir and can end up doing whatever is said to them and will have to keep the mouth shut also, and later realise what real trouble can be.

Let all that happen and then when they don’t have any place to go to, then the lesson will be learnt… this what we want to happen to our sisters, wives and mothers? Don’t you think it will be too late by then? Meaning….. where will they complain when harassed by men police, men lawyers, and men judges? These guys may not be your husbands but they will still be men. Will they care for you more than your husbands? Will they truly care for you?

Lot needs to be done to have good population of men police, men lawyers, men judges etc before letting these women go to these men. I say this because men are not trusted as per the law. It is like a case where a woman law maker is sending a poor cow to a lion hoping that the lion is a vegetarian. Note for the law maker (specially the female law maker):- Please first sort out other problems before this creates more problems for the society.


Let us bring in equal laws for all human beings and not one law for ladies and one for gentlemen.....otherwise both sexes will fight like cats and dogs like now. So seems we have brought in more fights while trying to stop one fight.

Lot needs to be done to have good population of men police, men lawyers, men judges etc before letting these women go to these men. I say this because men are not trusted as per the law. It is like a case where a woman law maker is sending a poor cow to a lion hoping that the lion is a vegetarian. Note for the law maker (specially the female law maker):- Please first sort out other problems before this creates more problems for the society. UK Guy
I heard that many ladies from India go to Dubai and other rich cities and dance in front of guys and many go to the ones offering the most money to finish off the night.....and the same process starts the next night. All for money???!!!

And many of the other ladies misuse 498A penal code and other similar one sided laws existing in India to extract as much money as possible from guys in India and guys overseas. This is gradually becoming the Indian ladies' image. Nothing to be proud of.

If some of these lady law makers in India think that they have introduced something great by bringing in the one sided 498A penal code and DV law, then they have to realise that they have done nothing better than these other dancing ladies and the ladies who misuse the law. These laws make it easy for ladies to extract money from guys. The lady law makers have helped them.

All this is ruining the good name of Indian ladies and India in general. India has been known to be a very religious country with many Gods who took birth on the land. India is a very big supplying industry for basically everything on this planet. Now the country has a very big population with AIDS. It can now even be said that many Gods might take birth in India not because the people are good and the land is fertile for the birth of Gods. But one can say that many people(specially ladies) are not using their heads properly and they need to be taught some basics by Gods. May be India might even lose the chance to have Gods taking birth in India for centuries. Many people in India are losing the good teachings that the saints and sages gave to India. Many Ravanas and Kansh and so God takes birth? How many can he destroy? Too many around. And so He teaches by taking birth and might even refuse to come that easily now.

India.....WAKE UP before the bad law makers make these new laws to destroy the country. Here I am only talking about 498A and DV law. So a U Turn and do the duties well. Otherwise many of you will seem to be the modern day Ravanas and Kansh in India. If you are enjoying all this, then continue dancing in overseas clubs and make plenty of money by extracting money from guys after marrying them and then misusing these 498A type penal code laws. And be a supplying industry for sex also. So India gets a new name…..WORLD SUPPLIER.

Message for the good ladies…..I am sorry to put it this way. It is as bad as this and so have done it this way. I don’t think it is necessary to place my name here as no reward is expected for this bit of information. Do the duty and expect no reward. UK Guy…..not born in India…..yes the same one.
16 Days of Activism: Rutgers Sponsors Global Feminist Terrorism
By David R. Usher (12/14/06)

Parents might think twice about sending their children to Rutgers University. It may well be the most anti-family college in America; a training camp for global feminist terrorism.
Rutgers is home base for the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL). The CWGL is a major launch-point for global radical feminist initiatives primarily attacking well-off developing countries while virtually ignoring areas where women are truly in dire straits – such as Darfur.
The CWGL just completed the “16 days of activism against gender violence” campaign -- one of several extended feminist holidays worshipping government and U.N. programs that entitle women to steal families, assets, and businesses simply by hollering “abuse”. But the theme does not end there: everything else found in the “V-dictionary”, such as abortion, welfare entitlements, HIV/AIDS, GLBT agenda, poverty, human rights congeal into one inseparable cause celebre driven by the “abuse” word.

Rutgers is an integral part of the U.N. Feminist Rumor Mill. Virtually all statistics and conclusions feminists make have been scientifically proven to be fantastical.
In fact, the body of assertions made in the U.N. Secretary Generals Report on Violence Against Women were so outrageous that the U.N. Third Committee voted unanimously to only “note” the report, rather than accept it. In parliamentary language, this is a full rejection -- a rare event at the United Nations.

For example, radical activists claimed that “70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape”. After much research, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR) found this was based on a graphic in a UNPF report that was obviously mislabeled and meaningless. Yet, this claim is the lead item on virtually every feminist website around the world.

In fact, there are so few truly scientific claims made in any of the U.N. or CWGL documents, we can say the expenditure of federal and international monies has been spent, in majority, on social terrorism of foreign countries.

I realize this is a breathtaking statement to make. As always, I back my statements up thoroughly. Now, we will examine recent events in India, which was recently conquered by the feminist insurgency, and is just starting to realize what happened.

Destruction of Marriage in India

In India, the words “dowry death” or “bride burning” conjure up horrible images that can be misused to fool legislators into passing anything. That is precisely what happened.

India’s new IPC 498a law permits any woman to claim dowry abuse – causing government to swing into action as if Bin Laden just waltzed into the White House. On mere allegation alone, her husband and members of his will be incarcerated. Bail can be optionally granted only by a judge. Incarceration prior to the initial bail hearing is often several months, depending on how much the woman’s family greases the palms of police or magistrate. Trials take between three and six years to be heard, during which the individuals arrested are subject to constant harassment and blackmail.

India did not stop there. Feminists harassed legislators into passing the most outrageous domestic violence law anywhere in the world.

The new Indian domestic violence law goes far beyond anything in Western law. “Not providing money for maintaining you or your children” and “not paying rent” are now crimes in India. This criminalization of poverty insanely thrusts poor families into more desperate straits than before: two households must be sustained on the same income. Literally any domestic disagreement, no matter how minor, now invokes destruction of the family in India.

The excesses of these new laws are apparent and intuitively predictable. You do not have to take my word for it. Ex-wives are blaming the domestic violence law for making their lives worse. Police say that about 80% of dowry allegations are false. Ajaib Singh, head of the Women and Child Support Unit in Chandigarh, reports that only 20% of dowry claims are genuine.

Shantosh Singh, chairperson of Women Welfare Counselling Cell at Sector 17, reveals the truth: ‘‘People generally make use this law to facilitate a divorce. And often, it’s the lawyers who advise the women to implicate their in-laws under the provisions of this Act,’’

Indian lawyers admit the truth, too. ‘There are only 10 per cent cases based on truth, and people usually come to us and ask specifically to mention the element of dowry in their divorce petitions,’’

The Times of India was inundated with letters to the editor about horrendous legal abuses – classified by the newspaper as “A legal tool to earn quick money”. has quite a collection of articles documenting many instances of intentional organized human rights abuses.

India’s Supreme Court quickly recognized the problem. It described the new Dowry law as “legal terrorism”, but surprisingly lacked the mettle to rule the law unconstitutional. As in America, what lines the pockets of lawyers is unlikely to be stopped by courts.

Why is “legal terrorism” endemic in India? It is all about money. The laws entitle a woman to make a false allegation to lock up her spouse and members of his family, and terrorize them for years, so his family has to pay her a very large “reverse dowry” to drop the charges. Once the charges are dropped, she is in full control of the family. He is summarily ejected from society in divorce court, his career possibly ruined. Also, he is used as another number to beef up crime statistics.

Here a the sickening results of the feminist invasion of India. Of 58319 dowry cases in 2004, 134,757 individuals were incarcerated. Of these, 24,127 have been acquitted, and only 5,739 convicted. The rest are still “in limbo” living under the ragged sword of feminism. This suggests that up to 95.8% of dowry cases in India are, in fact, cases of terrorist blackmail.

Even companies are vulnerable. Recently, a wife accused a husband of domestic violence, and filed suit against his employer, WiPro, for “ruining her marriage” due to a “dating allowance” they were allegedly giving her husband. Since the company does not provide “dating allowances”, she dropped the charge, but continues to sue the company for ruining her marriage anyway.

Like Al Qaeda, feminist terrorists will go to any length to seize control of entire countries. An article published on November 30th by, as part of Rutgers activism campaign, still pretends that women will experience abuse rates of up to 70% (despite retraction by the Washington Times on November 28th, and full rejection by the U.N. Third Committee on November 22nd).

From a high-level perspective, we see that the purpose of these “laws” is to seize money and establish imperial matriarchy in up-and-coming export-positive developing countries. This is why we do not see feminists marching on Darfur, where there is no money to be taken.

Studying the feminist invasion of India is instructive. It is easier to recognize that the “domestic violence” cabal is, in fact, a terrorist network when we view the treachery inflicted on other countries.

America is a primary source of this form of terrorism. People I met personally in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and India are all too aware of it. America is funding this invasion via federal entitlements, and is substantially responsible for it. We must stop exporting legal terrorism to developing countries in the name of “democracy”. We are losing friends around the world, some of whom will predictably become enemies with bombs on their backs.

History suggests that radical destruction of marriage and family is far more endemic and destructive than any of the human rights issues feminists complain about in their diatribes.

America must stop funding all radical organizations and programs destroying families globally. American domestic violence laws, such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) must be fully rewritten to be gender-neutral, require that agencies unequivocally provide full assistance to anyone who requests it, and require solid evidentiary proof before legal artillery is fired.

Mark Twain once said “A lie can travel half-way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. After a decade of Violence Against Women Act abuses, the truth now wears Army boots. The lie stops right here, and so does the buck.
Note: Views are those of the author and not necessarily those of me..
I hardly believe "RENUKA CHOWDHARY" who filed 498a on her daughters exhusband(search google news) in 1991 would do somehting helpful to the country. How come educated girls gets harrased in london?. that too a daughter of a politician. I heard large settlement involved to settle this dowry-law case with him.

People pls. watch before you make such people to rule the land. common sense is required to know who is harming the country and who is helping.
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