Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Not only NCW are to be blamed

Yes, there is no doubt that NCW has been misappropriating its powers and mandate given to them by the Government through the National Commission of Women Act, and perhaps they would relentlessly continue to make family life in India worse. However, it needs to be understood that as long as the general public will continue tolerating their rotten activities, everybody, directly or indirectly will be affected by NCW. Therefore, instead of blaming only NCW is wrong. The general public too must realise that NCW has been enacting laws that would destroy all family sanctity and not only men, the coming generations will be ruined.
However, a fact should not be ignored that women have abundant free time to wreck their brains out in conspiring such dirty laws in the society. Men on the other hand have family responsibility and have no time in protesting or objecting against such conspiracy.

But, the general public do have a option here.
The people must start writing letters to media houses, tv channels, and newspapers about the atrocities that exists in the society which does not come to the surface because everybody are trying hard to show suffering of only women. People should start writing letters of objection and protest that media must not protect women. A steady flow of letters from people to media house must bring them to senses and they might start realising that NCW has done irreparable damage to the society in the name of gender equality.

People must understand this. Let media know what the general public are thinking and what they really want. Even the Government is frightened from the media nowadays so we must approach media and inform them about the reality.

Satya posting for Mahesh

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