Wednesday, January 11, 2006


When women is perpetrator of crime

Excellent article by Rebel !!

AIDWA has been enacted only to express their shock on any women related incident even when woman is the main perpetrator of the crime. AIDWA invariably considered that women are victims and men are culprits. This is how these women organisation work. You have no rights to point fingers at the IAF authorities nor do you have any rights to interfere and dictate on the procedure of dealing with the issue. Anjali has committed a crime and do not deserve to be treated differently from men. And if you are suggested that, which you are right now, then please stop this hypcrisy that you are fighting for gender equality. The law must see crime as crime only and not on whether the crime is committed by a woman or a man. If she was sexually harassed then why did she kept quiet for so long. Why did she came up with such a bizarre accusation on some people in IAF of sexual harassment when her crime was caught ? It is a common sense that she has accuse others of sexual harassment only to strengthen her case. If she is sexually harassed then why has she kept quiet for so long and what evidence she has that she was indeed sexually harassed. If you do not attempt to attain gender equality then please say so openly in the society. Do not try to fool people of supporting women only to harass innocent men under the garb of gender equality. AIDWA should not be allowed to enter this issue since they are not interested in truth. They just want to rage a war with men in the society by hook or by crook misusing laws. Excessive condolence to these type of women will only increase such crime in the future in the Government authorities and private sector. It seems this is what these women organisation want.

This country doesn't listen to you man....This country listens to shoutings of politicians themselves to tighten laws related to tapping phones....who cares normal citizen...I consider these are ****mals in men stature....these politicians need a lesson as it happened to overthrow bad corruption system...pls. concentrate on how to kick their asses by international involvement/pressure.....
cockroaches of the pressed nehru dresses with their sh** faces. why god not k**** their children...
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