Tuesday, January 10, 2006


AIDWA clearly is a non-democratic

AIDWA clearly is a non-democratic

Written by Aggarwala

AIDWA clearly is a non-democratic, partisan and a gender biased
organisation as it wants special rights for women when they have
committed the same crimes as men even in the armed forces. What does
it mean by saying that the laws should be sensitive to women? On one
hand these women organisations want equality of rights with men in
all respects, but fail to accept equality of responsibility.

Sexual harassment has become a weapon to intimidate and abuse by
women to falsely implicate any superiors exercising disciplinary
powers over them. So far they have played such games in the civil
life by falsely accusing not only husbands, but their whole families
(even including old infirm father& mother, pregnant sisters, and
small kids) under 498A, under anti-dowry law, to blackmail them and
to extort money from them reportedly in lakhs. Mere accusation by
girls uner 498A can send the whole family to prison!! There they have
not been sensitive either to the women in the boy’s family, or even
the children, but just wanted to exploit the patently absurd laws for
monetary gains. Now they want to be able to blackmail service
officers by playing similar games, to put the national security at
risk. The need actually is to protect services from this blackmail by
these partisan women activists. There is also a need to punish those
women severely who level false charges of sexual harassment, to
double their punishment, to what is carried by the sexual harassment
charge, if proved. Sexual harassment is a serious charge, and if
allowed to be used frivilously, can destroy not only the good name
and career of the concerned officer, but even the morale of the
services, and subject the services to blackmail by foreign enemy
agents who can pay up the female employees of the services to
implicate such officers. It can thus be effectively used to conduct
espionage in the services through such women employees. The services
and the responsible members of the media, civil polity, and the
judiciary must guard against any misuse, which is reported to be
rampant by misuse of 498A by most of young girls these days, under
the cover and help of such women’s organisations. Most of such
organisations reportedly operate under the guidance and help from
foreign sources. Their evil designs must be nipped in the bud.

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