Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Victimised husbands find much needed respite


These types of stories are getting more and more common in India these days. They are getting into the news more often than they used to be. Why were these stories not prevalent earlier? Because, the insane laws of India were not so well understood and milked by the urban society. Now, as written in the article, husbands fear that a 'false harassment" case may be filed against them and their family in-laws, if husbands do not cater to the demands of their constantly nagging and demanding wives.

Now domestic violence bill has been passed by the parliament. This will further add to the miseries of battered husbands. The bills seeks only to protect the females and respondent has to be 'male'. This will only help police and corrupt law enforcers make more money by already harassed husband family.

Where does all this lead to? Does it not lead to a future of India where there is no trust between newly married couples; there is a constant vigilance on husband's part to protect him and his parents and brother from his wife's anger/wrath/whim if some petty demand of her is not met.

- Satya

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