Tuesday, December 06, 2005


acquitted him and his family of all charges of dowry harassment

For 5 years, she dragged him before law, now he wants Rs.2 crore

Times News Network

Chandigarh : For Kuldip Babbar who fought a five-yer long legal battle in courts to prove his innocence, it’s payback time.

After a local court acquitted him and his family of all charges of dowry harassment last year, Kuldip Babbar, 42, has now moved court against the UT police, his former wife and 16 other witnesses seeking damages worth Rs.2 crore (Rs.50 lakh each for his aged father; two sisters and himself) for defaming and falsely implicating him and putting his family through a harrowing time for more than five years.

Babbar has also cited mental harassment, loss of livelihood and income and expenditure incurred while defending the ‘malicious prosecution’ as reasons for seeking the damages.

Admitting the petition, Civil Judge (Senior Division) RK Bhankar issued notices to the UT IG, SSP, SHO (Sector 19 police station), Reena and other defendants, summoning them for appearance in court on February 14, 2006.

Babbar, a former resident of Chandigarh who married Reena, a resident of Jalandhar in 1993, says that he and his wife developed differences soon after the wedding on account of an alleged extra martial affair of his wife.

Their differences grew and the fights became more frequent after which Reena in collusion with the landlords of the house in Sector 21 where the family was staying lodged a dowry complaint in the Sector 19 police station.

She alleged that Babbar and his sisters had beaten her up and tried to set her on fire.

In his petition Babbar has alleged that after the false complaint was made, his father and sisters were harassed to no end, especially by certain investigating police officers who were allegedly bribed by Reena and her family. He has also submitted in court some tape recorded conversations of the telephone calls his wife made to certain officials seeking their help to falsely implicate his family.

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