Saturday, October 15, 2005


SIF on Brinda Karat

Another post by SIF:


We strongly condemn Brinda Karat for her outrageous and inhuman remarks during her campaign to belittle the abuse of mother-in-laws, elders and even young children. She has set new records of human indecency by ridiculing the grotesque forms of domestic violence that mother-in-laws, elders and even young children have been subjected to by abusive daughter-in-laws who are blatantly misusing IPC 498A.
It is perverted logic that justifies the contemplated domestic violence laws that ignores the fact that mother-in-laws sisters and nieces are women too, and is unwilling to allow the men even basic human rights let alone equal rights. As always, violence against men by women goes un-recognised and under-reported. For the real women victims of domestic violence (mother-in-laws, sisters and nieces)this carries a deadly message : remain silent sufferers and indeed expect further un-checked attacks by abusive daughter-in-laws. For those who rule India today, past atrocities (including perceived and exaggerated) against women (and some by other manipulative women), rather than providing lessons for Governments to ensure preventive measures to protect both genders, become precedents to legitimize present and future domestic violence against women, elderly and even children. Has Ms. Karat met any of the victims and heard their terrible stories, before she misused her powers to challenge the veracity of their statements. Has she ever tried to investigate the truth about the abusive daughter-in-laws who, along with their helpers are brutalising other women, elderly and even children? She has not. She has not verified the truth from the victims.
Ms. Brinda Karat has caused enough damage to Indian families by her
shameful defence of the criminal daughter-in-laws behind the domestic violence. Her latest manipulations will further hurt the sentiments and deepen the insecurities of the lakhs of victims waiting for justice. A woman like her should find no place in any society even in one as compromised as this one.

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