Wednesday, October 12, 2005


illusion verses reality: time to wake up.

Another posting by Mihir, hats-off to him, he has articulated it well...

Since childhood we have been told that women must be respected and revered for their purity, supportive nature and a care-taker. A picture of an ideal woman was formed in our heart and we continue to embellish that image in your heart till you find that ideal woman. Till youth, we are always looking for that ideal woman who will act as a back-bone of our life. But only after marriage, we realise that women are no longer women. Only after marriage we realise that the picture we formed in our heart for an ideal woman was all fake. It was an illusion. But the image was so vivid and deep-rooted that we can't believe that it was just an illusion. We don't let that image vanish with the experience we get from women. We still hope that the ideal woman do exist. This is how we most of the time contradict our own mind. Our mind says that the ideal women is an illusion and our heart says that never let this image disappear. Thousands of 498A victims are in this contradiction. They just have one option that they must forget the whole episode and move on with life. They won't even bother to seek information on other victims and share their experience and do something to stop this misuse. Very few 498a victims have the courage to stop this injustice and come forward to join this group. It is scientifically proved that men are more sensitive and emotional than women. So most men succumb to the emotional pressure and forget everything and try to start their life afresh. It is disappointing to observe that a man doesn't want to help another man.


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