Saturday, September 24, 2005


In response to Protima Pandey's mail.... she does'nt get it either.

Hi Protima,

I just cannot believe you can write this long mail on just one premise.Your premise is: the woman who filed the case has filed because she was harassed by in-laws for dowry. (I am dead against dowry. I did not take dowry in my marriage). If I would have, I would not have guts to campaign against this law. It is important to eradicate the social victim of dowry. But to do that by making absurd laws is not going to help men or women.

All this uproar and voice is against the false use of 498a. You and Jayna are just trying to protect those vicious ladies who are misusing the law. Need for a law (as you say) does not mean make a law with loopholes and do not do anything about it's rampant misuse.

"Criminal cruelty laws under sec. 323 to 326 IPC and
sec. 352 IPC can be used by both men and women."

If there are criminal cruelty laws, then why make new 498a. Why make Domestic Violence law? How many men and women you have seen who use the above mentioned IPCs? Any why have you not seen a news articles and mails about their misuse?

"I am a bit weary of people saying that women are
perpetuating a false picture! I am not sure why you
think women can get away by giving incorrect

Women organizations have done it again and again. They have perpetuated wrong information around the world. They have portrayed a picture of men all over the world torturing them. It does not do any good to foul cry and try to prove that other half is dominating you. Read "who stole feminism" to get a good picture of the harm women organizations have done. It is written by a woman.
Those in-laws and husbands who harass their wife for dowry or gifts should rot in hell, they do not deserve and lesser punishment. But what about those whose life is govern by unruly daughter-in-law. Read about borderline personality disorder (which is mostly localized to women). A woman with that disorder can make everyone's life a living hell. Are you trying to say, that you have not seen lots of women in your life who are like vamp in house? Do you think they will do justice with 498a? Do you think man are not nagged by their wives, harrassed and beaten up by their wives? Then why can'nt they file 498a. Also, for you information, read 498a again, it is not 'specific' to dowry now, it was amended and it is generic..... means 'harassment/torture' on wife by husband and in-laws.

Let me ask you do try the following first hand and let me know your experience:

Go to police station and file a complaint against your husband and relatives (even those relatives who do not live or ever lived with you) and see the result. Police will file it and you would not need any proof....


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